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Heading for the hills--no rest for the weary
Aug 10, 2014 by Doug Smith

Training headed for the hills this week. For those of you who know San Francisco: we started at Crissy Field, immediately ran up into the Presidio, down to the rolling hills to the great highway, into the park--and back. In other words, those temporary downhills on the way out, became brutal uphills on the way back. Everyone else: just trust me. The hills were brutal, I took a fall (No blood. Just a lot of dirt and a little reminder on my shoulder today.)  That self-inflicted pain has been my Saturday morning for the last three months.  


I've often thought that running is meditative and gives me the gift of being part of a larger cause working to cure cancer. I just read a great article about what running teaches us about life. It's best summed up in this passage: 


 "I also couldn’t have known that running—as wonderful, frustrating and satisfying as it is—wouldn’t eliminate the inescapable reality of waking up every morning in an imperfect world. Life, like running, is sometimes painful. And in life, as in running, sometimes that pain is not of our own doing—or sometimes in life, as in running, that pain is self-inflicted."


The purpose of heading for the hills now is that we're running out of training time. So it's now time to practice becoming at one with the hills. :) Speaking of running out of time. I'm currently at only $468 and still need to be at $2,900 at a minimum. Since I have a little over a month before the fundraising deadline I need your help now! 


Please everybody think about what you can afford to give and donate--NOW!

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    "Good Luck- Sandy Gregory"

    Sandy Gregory

    Mon Mar 10 12:04:18 EDT 2014

    "Go me!"

    Doug and Hayley Smith

    Mon Mar 31 05:56:11 EDT 2014

    "Six Team In Training participants raised about $1,000 today in a group garage sale: proof that every little donation counts!"

    Garage sale!

    Mon Aug 04 02:09:28 EDT 2014

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