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Jun 03, 2014



Hi Everyone! You might be wondering why I've decided to run a marathon. Well, here we go:

  • It's something I've always wanted to do (really--running has always been a personal thing for me, but I thought it was time to do something public)
  • It's the Chicago Marathon, and I love Chicago


I have friends in Chicago, and one of their families has been affected by cancer. Combine that with my reasons above and you'll understand why I decided to join Team In Training--it just made sense to me.


Of course, It takes more than one person to make up a team and that’s why I’m asking you to donate to my TNT fundraising page for TNT! By becoming a member of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) TNT, I've promised to raise funds to help find cures for blood cancer patients.


Your donation will help fund treatments that can save lives every day and provide patients access to treatments like immnuotherapies that use a person’s own immune system to kill cancer. Every single donation helps save a life with breakthrough therapies such as these.


Please make a donation in support of my efforts with Team In Training and help get us all closer to a world without blood cancers.





Supporter Comments

    "Go Team Jason! ;)"

    Jim Nawrocki

    Sat Jun 21 11:27:35 EDT 2014

    "If anyone can run a marathon and still look fresh as a daisy doing it, it's you, Johnson! Good luck, remember to hydrate/ carbo-load (wine doesn't count as a carb the night before), and bring good music. Love you!! ABS"

    Abby Featherstone

    Tue Jul 15 11:00:02 EDT 2014

    "Cheering you on from Canada!"

    Victoria Kung

    Fri Sep 26 03:27:06 EDT 2014

    "Get it girl! "

    David Alexander

    Tue Sep 02 09:30:03 EDT 2014

    "HO JO MAGIC!"

    Amy Howard

    Sat Jul 12 01:10:05 EDT 2014

    "Go Jason! I'm so proud of you~X"

    irena kvantas

    Fri Jul 11 02:18:32 EDT 2014

    "Thank you Jason for raising money for an important cause!!! "

    Debra Solomon & Gil Carmel

    Tue Jun 17 12:02:54 EDT 2014

    "I think it's awesome that you're doing this, Jason. Good luck!"

    Matt Winters

    Mon Jun 16 03:55:18 EDT 2014

    "Go, Jason, go!! Here's to you and a healthy training experience. You will rock the marathon!"

    John Atwood

    Mon Jun 16 11:18:38 EDT 2014

    "So proud to be a part of Team Jason. Love you! Run run run run run run run"

    Jen Franklin

    Sun Jun 15 08:58:52 EDT 2014

    "Good luck J!"

    Jonathan Wells

    Sat Jun 14 07:33:43 EDT 2014

    "Run Jason Run!"


    Sat Jun 14 06:59:23 EDT 2014

    "Go Jason! Your heart is bigger than that great & enormo city of Chicago (I maybe moving back soon too!). AND Dolby will match my donation too, so, yay! Best of luck & run that a** off again this year!!! Love you always, Meghan G Cashman"

    Meghan Grace Cashman

    Thu Jun 05 12:25:44 EDT 2014

    "Go get 'em!!! (maybe we'll have to do a group trip to help cheer you on! I love Chicago too!)"

    Jennifer Daniel

    Tue Jun 03 07:21:34 EDT 2014

    "Go Jason! Big hugs Nadine and Colman"

    Nadine Mellor

    Tue Jun 03 05:50:42 EDT 2014

    "Great job, Jason!"

    Nicole Lange

    Tue Jun 03 05:29:48 EDT 2014

    "I love imagining you crossing the finish line! GO JASON!"

    Suzanne Piluso

    Tue Jun 17 08:29:54 EDT 2014

    "go Jason go!! "

    Sylvia Tewes

    Tue Jun 17 10:59:49 EDT 2014

    "Go Jason!"

    Dante and Tracey Briones

    Thu Jun 19 11:42:10 EDT 2014

    "Go, Jason, Go!"

    Annie Classick

    Mon Jun 23 07:43:48 EDT 2014

    "Let's go, tiger!"

    Ronnie Genotti

    Tue Jun 24 08:11:46 EDT 2014

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