My Fundraising Page

My Fundraising Page
Jan 22, 2010 by Aimee Lyons

Racing to Save Lives

Welcome to my Team In Training home page.

I participated in the San Diego Rock N. Roll marathon as a member of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's (LLS) Team In Training! I completed this event in honor of all individuals who are battling blood cancers. These people are the real heroes on our team, and we needed your support to cross the ultimate finish line - a cure!

Thank you ALL for making a donation to support my participation in Team In Training and help advance LLS's mission. WE DID IT!!!

6/10/10: I would never have believed a year ago that I would be a marathoner!! Running a marathon has been on my bucket list for so long, I didn't think I would ever find the right time to train and complete one. The last 3 years have been challenging mixed with wonderful, but in all some of the most difficult I have experienced. To have achieved this goal makes me feel like I can achieve the impossible. I only wish my husband and my father could have been here to take part in the pride that I feel right now. I am happy to share it with my friends and family that are here. Thank you ALL for your support and believing in me.

My trip to San Diego was AMAZING! While my motives to run a marathon were not originally aligned directly with supporting the LLS, this cause has grown close to my heart. So many of you have shared your personal stories with me and they did in fact keep me running til the very end. I have been so touched and inspired. Our Gateway chapter raised $156,000 alone, and with all of the participants, $12 million was raised to further the research of Luekemia, Lymphoma and other types of blood cancer. That is Awesome!!!

Now for the biggest update: the MARATHON!! We woke up dark and early (can't say bright because the sun wasn't up yet) at 3:15am on race day. Donna and I did a smart thing by laying out our racing gear the night before so we didn't forget anything important, such as pants...LOL. After many coats of Body Glide, sunscreen and a puffy-paint laden shirt, we were off to the buses at 4am. It was a bit chilly, but that worked out in our favor when the race started at 6:15am. It started in historic Balboa Park in downtown San Diego. Lined up in Corral 32, I didn't actually cross the start line until 45 minutes after the gun went off! But I got to hang out with my "ninja girls" Donna and Jessica until my shoe tag started clocking my time. I don't even remember the first few miles being anything but entirely enjoyable. It felt great to run in the nice weather, amazing views of the city and just the overall hype (and great music!). Up and down the streets of downtown San Diego, on the outskirts of the zoo, Petco Park, the Embarcadero and Seaport Village. Then at about mile 9, we hit the 163 freeway. This is where my worries began. One direction of the highway was shut down for the marathon and we hit the hilliest part of the run. The road wasn't entirely flat, and I found my left knee taking the impact especially hard. By mile 11, it was really starting to bug! I stopped and tried to stretch it out, but each time I ran on anything other than flat land, I felt every step in my knee. The downhill was the worst! Imagine that! I don't remember too much about running through Mission Valley other than hoping that I would be able to press on dispite this stabbing pain. At mile 13, I took a couple of Tylenol that I had packed hoping that they would help to subside it. Mile 15, I finally stopped at a medic station to have them wrap it up for me. Never once did I consider not finishing the race. I do remember thinking I may need some surgery :). But the wrapping did the trick, along with the Tylenol and as I passed over the Interstate 5 freeway to Mission Bay to run along the ocean I felt like I could endure the uncomfortable feeling long enough to make it to the end. I'd say miles 17-21 were the most enjoyable that I ran. At mile 21, we began the 5 mile circle of Fiesta Island. For these next 5 miles, I just kept my head down, didn't think ahead, only focused on the next mile. I found myself thinking about the motivation for running a marathon, about the people I've met, the effort that I put into this, the people I love, the people that are going to receive the greatest gift from my fundraising...those who will be fighting against cancer. They were tough miles, but with these thoughts in my head, I found the will to just keep going. I rounded the end of the loop (and got to see Donna on her way!), knowing I had less than a mile to go to the end. That's when I started running into the crowd that lined either side of the path. What an incredible feeling to be cheered on by so many! I crossed the finish line in 5 hours and 26 minutes...not the best time ever recorded, but having met my only goals of this race: to run the whole thing and finish! My emotions took over and I definitely shed a tear for the accomplishment and the awesome journey to get there.

I hope that you all have enjoyed my marathon road! I'm not sure I'll be completing a 2nd full marathon...I enjoyed this thoroughly, but I don't know if my body can take it! I know that I'll run another event with Team in Training...maybe a 1/2 marathon next time. But I couldn't be prouder and I've had the time of my life.

5/24/2010: I can't believe there are less than 2 weeks to the big event! This training has been everything I had hoped for, and maybe a little more than what I expected. I never thought at the beginning of this that I'd be able to tackle the miles that were on the training schedule. OK, maybe I thought I could but it seemed so far out of reach. 26.2 still seems so scary but I know I can do it. I may not be able to walk for a couple of days afterwards, but I know I will finish the marathon. Thanks to everyone that has supported me and cheered me on! We are tapering the miles now....and I need to psych myself up for the big day!

So, the 20 miler last week was...hmm, let's say interesting. I showed up to Forest Park in the pouring rain and as I stepped out of the car the thunder and lightening started up. We all waited it out in the Visitor's Center, luckily the storm passed by pretty quickly but the rain didn't let up. A few times I thought about calling it quits for the day and going back out the next day. But truthfully, I woke up early, got dressed in my running gear, drove all the way out to Forest Park and I didn't want to do it all again! So I worked up the motivation and made my way out to the puddle-riddled paths and started splashing. It went surprising well after I got over the initial process of getting wet. Probably the most difficult part of the run was between miles 15-16 running up the slight Skinker hill, but then I hit my favorite part of the course so it kept me going. There were a couple of hills that I felt every step of as I went up, but after I climbed the last hill I just cruised in the rest of the way. I'm hoping this is the feeling I get during the race after I've hit the 20 miles. I HOPE!!!

This past week was the complete opposite! Saturday we had record high 90 degrees with near 100% humidity. What a difference a week makes! Down to only 12 miles, but that heat made it seem closer to the 20. I had a first happen to me: as I was hydrating at one of the stations Rick set up for us, I had someone approach me and give me a donation. I've been so focused on the training that it brought me back to the reason why I decided to train with the LLS in the first place. It's not too late to send in a donation! I know that the funds that you all have helped me raise will make a difference to somebody special. One more week of group training and then I'll be writing about the MARATHON! Enjoy the week and as always, remember the reason.

5/9/2010: I guess I owe you all 3 weeks worth of updates, I think I've been trying to repress the memories of the 2 long runs in group training prior to today! I'll start with today's run. Rather uneventful on this beautiful Mother's Day. We ran at Creve Coeur Lake today, 14 miles on the schedule (a bit of a break from the daunting miles). We took a different path that led us out to the Missouri River. I enjoy taking new paths, fun because I'm discovering new parts of the green state (now that it's spring) that I live in. What wasn't fun was almost being attacked by a goose! It hissed at me as I ran by and chased after me...LOL! But it was then distracted by the women on bikes behind me, who screamed as it came after them (this made me laugh hysterically). I thought 14 wasn't gonna be too bad seeing as how it was 4 miles less than last week--and 6 less than next: the dreaded 20-miler--but the last mile kind of kicked my butt. It's all a mental game of how far can I go. So today was pretty good. Now for the not so good memories...

2 weeks ago was arguably the worst run so far...what they call "character building." We ran out at Grant's Trail, which is simply a trail that runs along side one of the interstates, goes on for miles...just flat and straight. This doesn't sound terrible, right? Well factor in pounding rain and 30 mph gusty winds! The wind was pretty constant (as was the rain), but it was at our backs as we ran the first half of the run. I ran about 6 miles west on the trail, thinking it wasn't as bad as I first anticipated, until I did a 180 turn and realized I had been running with the wind at my back! The 6 miles back were the worst 6 miles I have EVER run!! I almost lost my hat 10 times and I add at least 5 "mental" miles on to my total...ha! I couldn't wait to get back to my car, where I had warm, dry clothes waiting (thank goodness). And then to get home, where I had a warm, dry husband waiting :).

Last week was the 18-miler....well, that just speaks for itself, doesn't it? Out at Forest Park. I know I said I would never get tired of running at Forest Park, but after 18 miles worth, hmmm.....some terrible storms drove through the area on Friday night, so as we ran Saturday morning there was fog looming over the tops of the trees and the humidity...UGH!!! I think my shirt was soaked within the first 10 minutes. Whoever created moisture wicking material is a genious in my book. The first 16, even 17 miles weren't torturous, but that last mile gets me every time! I's mental. The "wall" seems to hit me at the last mile no matter what the total is. Thankfully, I made it through the 18 with just a little bit of swearing at the end. I won't even start to think that race day will be even 8 more after that....

Enjoy the week everyone! I'm sure I'll have plenty to say about my next feat: The 20 next week! Remember the reason!!!

4/18/2010: This has been the most amazing week I've had in a Glenn is home!! I've been pretty good at keeping up with my training schedule (though I did miss a 3 mile run during the week). I couldn't attend the group training this week due to an overloaded schedule, so I was very proud of myself to get up out of bed for the 16 mile long run this morning. There was my husband, home from Iraq and snuggled up in bed but somehow I managed to make myself get up at 5:30am to get the run done! Donna was so sweet to make sure I had someone to keep me motivated, she woke up early and met me at Creve Coeur Lake with her bike so I didn't have to be all alone out there. I ran at probably the slowest pace I've set yet to make sure I saved some energy for the end...geez did I need it. 16 miles is the most I've ever run. The longest before that was 2 weeks ago when I ran 14. Those last 2 miles, oh boy. My foot started cramping which made it a little more difficult to keep going. I was chanting my new running mantra "Right now, I'm OK" but I added in some additional parts: "Right now, my foot is cramping and it hurts, but I'm OK." (add in some 4 letter words to make it about right). I may need to get some insoles for my shoes, since my arches are starting to hurt at the longer miles. But I'm still feeling good! While 16 was challenging, I think I still have more left in me. Hopefully enough for 26. All for now...come back next week for more entertainment at my expense and REMEMBER THE REASON!!!

4/11/2010: The St. Louis Go! half marathon was today! My official finishing time was 2:17:33. I really felt strong through the race today, I couldn't believe my eyes each time I approached another mile marker. It was a beautiful run through the city on an absolutely beautiful day. The temps were in the 60's during the race and warmed up to the 70's after the race was over, which was great to hang out afterwards to enjoy the free beer (only one of course)! I was encouraged by today's race that I can keep going further. This was a great accoplishment but it's only halfway to my goal. With a positive experience under my belt, I'm ready to push beyond the 14 miles and see what I'm really made of.

4/3/2010: Forest Park group training again this morning. I don't think I could ever get tired of running in Forest Park. Today the trees and daffodils were in full bloom and something happened that I don't think has happened in any of our group trainings yet: the sun came out! 14 miler today! So I guess I'm ready for the half marathon next Sunday! And the other thing I am ready for next Sunday: Glenn is leaving Iraq for his R&R!!! He will be home for 2 weeks! This is not going to interrupt my training, or at least I'm not going to let it. What are the chances that he'll come out and train with me? Not very likely, I figure I'll run in the mornings and let him sleep in. I think he'd be willing to come with me a couple of times if to do nothing else than enjoy a cup of joe in the park. I'm so excited for him to come home that I can't even focus on the fact that I ran over half the distance of a marathon today....and I finished up strong. As long as the injuries stay away, I'm starting to feel like I'll actually be able to do this thing! I have settled into a pace that is slow and steady, a little over 10 minute miles. I was feeling good today! But maybe some of that had to do with what is in the not too distant future....

Enjoy the week! I'll be blogging about the 1/2 marathon next weekend and hopefully have some pictures to post!

3/28/2010: A run in Forest Park this morning with a small group from the San Diego team. It's no wonder, most people were smart and stayed in bed! I on the other hand decided it would be a good idea to go run in the rain, wind and 40 degree temps. And now, a few hours later the rain has gone's still windy and cold but at least it's dry! Oh well, let's face it, the 1/2 marathon is in St. Louis is April, and it will most likely be raining...after all it is Missouri in the spring! I'm running the Go! Half marathon on April 11 as part of my training for the main event in June. 5 years ago I ran a half marathon in Phoenix and it was the culmination of months of training. I can't believe it's only the halfway mark this time. Luckily the rain seemed worse while driving to Forest Park, when I started to run it seemed as though there was a break in the heavy stuff. One time around the 6 mile problem! 2nd time wasn't going too bad....until about mile 10. This is when the wind picked up, the rain clouds rolled in and it started pouring! What other choice but to run it out! I look at it this way, the fact that I was soaked and cold was a distraction for the fact that my legs had become rubber and were screaming at the insanity of 12 miles. But when I finally made it to the end of the run at the Visitor's Center, it was warm and dry and some genious put a coffee shop in there! Coffee never tasted so good. Ice bath today?? NO WAY!!! I'm still thawing. I guess I'll just be stiff and sore tomorrow.

As you can see from my fundraising barometer, my donations posted that put me at 100%! I still have about $150 yet to hit, and I encourage anyone who hasn't donated to do so now! Each dollar above my goal will still help so many patients. The LLS has contributed so much to the treatments and medications that are available today, but with more funds available to research just think of the possibilities....maybe even a cure!!! Thanks to all once again for the support..please remember the reason!!

3/20/2010: Back to group training this weekend....thank goodness! I definitely felt like I needed the support of my fellow marathoners to get through 11 miles. My scheduled run was 10 but the loop I ran was 5.5, so it seemed easier just to run it twice around. The nice warm weather left us again this Saturday, but luckily we beat the rain. Back to the shivering though! Can't put away the winter running gear quite yet. The run was pretty good, I felt really strong through the first 8 miles or so and then I started feeling the impact in my left knee and arch of my right foot. Hopefully not something that is going to linger for any amount of time. And now that we are in the double digits, I have to add hydrating and re-energizing into my running responsibilities. Looks like another trip to the sporting goods store to stock up on Gu and Gatorade! After the run I enjoyed my first ice bath...NOT! Complete torture!! But I think it helped with the soreness so I guess I'll have to learn to enjoy it. At least I heated myself up a towel in the dryer beforehand. A little pampering, anyway.

And now my fundraising disclaimer: Please, if you have not donated yet, consider it!! Since I have met my minimum fundraising goal, every bit of the donations I collect from here on out will go entirely 100% to the cause. As much as I am enjoying this experience, IT IS NOT ABOUT ME!! It is about people like my survivor and honored teammates, who have gone through hell and beat the cancer!

One last note: congratulations to Mike O'Brien, my father's co-worker in days gone by who celebrated 10 years this weekend since his bone marrow transplant and is now cancer free! I know my Daddy is looking down from heaven with a smile on his face. I will run mile number 10 for Mike. Remember the reason!!

3/14/2010: Another busy weekend has come and gone! I ran in the St. Patty's Day 5 mile race on Saturday morning for the 2nd year in a row. This year at least I knew it was a 5 mile instead of a 5K! It was a little cold and wet, but I felt good running in the downtown streets. I guess it's a preview to the half marathon I'll be running in St. Louis in April, though let's hope it's warmer and sunny! I also fit in my long run of 9 miles today (Sunday). It was a lot of running to do in 2 days, but I didn't know how else to fit the long run in my schedule. I'm planning on sleeping it off tonight!

An update on my fundraising as well...I have met my goal!! I've sent in the checks that will put me over the $2900! I continue to receive checks in the mail so I will be comfortably over the goal by the time the deadline rolls around. Thanks everyone SO MUCH!! I could not do all of this without the support I'm receiving. And of course I continue to be inspired by those who have had to fight Leukemia, or any other type of cancer. I can truly say it is that inspiration and support that keeps me running. Thanks again to all...this has been so humbling!!! Remember the reason, and have a great week.

3/7/2010: This weekend was a busy weekend! Unfortunately I had to miss group training so I had to run 8 miles on my own, without the motivation of the group. But I worked it out...I found a park near me to run at, but it was a little small and HILLY!! Hills and I do not get along yet, although with all the practice I'm getting better. I had to run around the park 3 times to get to my 8, but it was a beautiful day with lots of people around.

Donna and I attended a Yellow Ribbon event on Saturday put on by the Army and they allowed us to bring our canisters to collect donations. Thanks to the 354th support we brought in another $60. I'm getting very close to my goal, but I think a few more canister drives are in order to make sure I get there! Thanks again to everyone who has supported me so far. Remember the reason!

3/1/2010: Up to 7 miles! Back out at Forest Park for an optional group training on Sunday morning...even though it was sooo bitter cold...AGAIN...I made my way out there at 7am and got in my lucky 7! There were times during my run when I actually started feeling like a true runner. As much as I didn't want to get out of my bed, I'm so glad I did. At the end of the run, I felt like I could have kept on going. So the running is going well...YAY!!!

As for the is also going well! My letter writing campaign has been very successful...I've gotten many responses with well wishes and names of people that I will be running on behalf of. I've also received a few online donations, I am so honored by the support that I feel from everyone. I know that the cause speaks for itself, and I am only the vessel. Thanks to my friends and family, we are helping so many and we can all feel good about that. Donna and I held our fundraising garage sale on Saturday, we were popsicles by the end, but we managed to raise a total of about $200.00. Thanks to everyone who donated, we had some good high ticket items! Again, I was impressed that even some of the garage sale population that is known for bargain basement prices pitched in a few extra dollars for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. At this point, with all the mailed in donations and the garage sale I am at roughly 80% of my goal. That's incredible!!! I've only been at this for a little over a month!

Now that February has come to a close, I am ready to choose my first raffle winner. Since everyone donated at least $10, everyone is in the running to win an Anytime Fitness t-shirt and water bottle, donated to me by my gym. I will announce the winner and find out size and color preference by Wednesday. Again, I thank you and ask you to remember the reason!!

2/20/10: Group training today at Forest Park and a 6 mile run. I'm back in the cold but at least the snow/rain mix that was forecasted for this weekend didn't happen....yet. So far we've been pretty fortunate with the weather. I'm told group trainings are rarely cancelled so that we can get used to running in the elements, but I'm pretty sure there will be no snow or ice in San Diego in June! But I hope we continue to get lucky with the weather. 6 miles was good, there were times those darn hills got me. I'd say I was relieved when I saw the hills that went down, but then I knew I'd just have to run up another one. I can feel the effects of the 6 miles on my legs tonight!

I also had the pleasure today of having a canister drive at a local grocery store to fundraise. I was pretty impressed...$80 for 2 hours work. Not too shabby. Thanks to all who have been mailing me donations! I will be sending thank you's via "snail mail" as well. With my most recent donations I am sitting comfortably for this early into it. However, I will not slow down! Garage sale is next week and I'm working next on a silent auction and perhaps a happy hour somewhere. This will be the bigtime stuff so I quit bugging all my friends and family! But I'm still allowed to bug for a little while, there are still plenty of you to pick on ;). Thanks everyone for your support! Remember the reason!!

2/13/10: A little change of scenery this week! The picture above is a leg of my run this week...I didn't have to wear the hat and scarf! Oh Arizona, how I have missed thee.... with your arid, mild temprament and your flat, level topography. A great 5 mile run today, it did not seem like 5 miles by any stretch of the imagination (but I'm sure it was). I think the San Diego team should travel to Arizona every weekend to train. It was a treat, although I admit I missed running with my teammates. Back to St. Louis with snow and slush in just a couple more days.

2/6/10: Well friends, I don't have much time so a quick update. We got snow here in St. Louis yesterday so I feared (read: hoped) that training would be cancelled this morning...but no! We ran today in Forest Park. Shame on me for not going to Forest Park for the first 2.5 years I've lived here! There were a lot of runners out there today! And I did discover that it is harder to run on ice. And through puddles. A 3 mile run today, felt great (except for that slow and steady hill I ran up for about .5 mile...but then I got to run back down it). I'm happy to say I think I'll be ready for next Saturday's 5 mile run in AZ. At least I know I can leave my winter hat at home! Enjoy!!

2/4/10: First I want to thank everyone so much for your generous donations. Hearing all of the personal stories out there is so much motivation to do everything I can to raise money for the LLS. It's not even about the running. Thanks to those who have donated, I've managed to raise about 25% of my goal so far (there are checks that have yet to hit my bottom line)! I haven't even sent my letters yet! Sorry to those of you who have to endure my various medias to reach people, I hope you won't get annoyed with my dedication.'ll have to put up with it because I still have 4 months until the marathon! I want to give a shout out to my chiropracter, Dr. Heiland who has equiped me with some free sessions and a pillow to auction off and present to my raffle winners. I'm having a garage sale at the end of the month, proceeds to benefit the LLS, and I'm arranging a silent auction via email. If you own a business or have services that you can donate to auction off, please give me a call 602.549.6905 or send me an email, Even if you live out of state, I will pay for the shipping of the items to the winners.

So now, how is the running going you ask? I'm still building up my endurance with only 3 miles, but each time I do it, it feels better and better (even on the treadmill)! This Saturday group run may get snowed out, but I'll still be running 3 miles either with the group or on the treadmill. Next week picks up with 5 miles. I'll be in AZ so all of you out in the warm, dry air will need to make sure I get out and run. It's going to be such a treat to be warm while running outside! I still have my half-marathon training run plotted out so I think I'll be running in the old neighborhood. If anyone wants to go for a 5 mile run in AZ on Saturday, call me!! I won't hold my breath. Again, I can't give enough appreciation for those of you who have donated to me so far. If there is someone that you want me to dedicate a mile of the race to, please let me know. Cheers!

2/2/10: Getting ready to go for my run for the day. I added a pictrue of our honored teammate, Morgan. She is currently in remission.

1/31/10: I have a new purpose for running this marathon. David Gepfert lost his battle to lung cancer this weekend. He was survived by his wife and my friend, Amy and his toddler and infant daughters, Sophie and Lucy. I add him to my list of friends that I am dedicating this race to.

1/30/10: Thanks to my anonymous donor!!! Thanks so much for your generousity!!! I can't thank you personally so I hope you come back to my site and read this. was our first group training. 20 degrees out, with the wind chill it felt like 9 degrees...thank goodness a bunch of crazy people showed up to run or I would have been outta there! We ran at Creve Coeur Lake so we had the additional benefit of a minor "lake effect." Wow, it was cold. The positive was that when I first started my run, I couldn't feel my legs anyway because the were frozen...Ha! After the blood was flowing it warmed up a bit...or at least I felt warmer. The run was good, it was nice to be with other people and the scenery was pretty nice. My friend Donna has joined me on the San Diego team, our husbands are in the same platoon in Iraq so I have a great buddy to keep me motivated. She was just as crazy as me this morning out at the lake. Afterwards we had some coffee with our mentor and discussed some great Ideas for fundraising. I have some good ideas look for them! I appreciate the support that I've received so far...keep it coming! P.S. I meant to take a picture today at the training but it was too cold to sit still to take a picture. We were all bundled up so it probably would have been a good laugh!

1/28/10: Whew I almost didn't make it today...I worked too late again and I was low on motivation. Maybe it was the pound of carrots and bagel that Snickers and I shared, or the fact that I listened to music while running on the treadmill today instead of watching tv, or maybe it was the fact that one of my friends who is in remission with his Leukemia had to rush to the hospital today. Or maybe it's that I'm building up my running skills again. Whatever it was, I had a good 3 mile run! I usually get bored doing 3 miles on the treadmill, but I didn't really today. I had a lot of thoughts in my head about my friend who had to rush to the hospital, and of another friend who's husband is also in the hospital as his cancer spread to his other lung. How bad can running feel? It didn't feel bad. It felt pretty good. It felt good to run on behalf people who don't have the energy that I do. I'm looking forward to the first group run in a couple of days!

1/24/10: Completed a good 2 mile run pounding the pavement today. When I lived in Arizona, I was an outside runner. 2 years ago, I moved to Missouri. There are some fundamental differences between running in Arizona and Missouri. Since I moved here, I've been running on the treadmill despite our love/hate relationship. So running outside is going to take a little getting used to again. 2 things exist here that are going to challenge me that I didn't face in Arizona: 1) hills, 2) weather. The first type of hill, short and steep. These I can handle. Head down, lean forward, go until I'm at the top. The second type, long and low grade. I haven't figured these out yet and they are hurting me. And then there's the weather. Today was 40 degrees and dry. Not too bad but I know I'll have to face colder weather, rain (yuck), wind and snow (let's hope not). I already have earmuffs on my shopping list, and I'm sure as I experience these other things I'll figure out what else needs to become part of my training wardrobe. If anyone has suggestions, please send me an email at so I dont have to learn the hard way! I'm looking forward to the first group run next Saturday. I'll start posting some pictures as we go! In the meantime, please find it in your heart to leave a donation here. I know it's a tough time with the economy and there are so many important causes out there, but I hope you can find a little extra room in your budget to support this cause. Thanks for your faith in me!

1/23/10: I went to the kick off event today and met my mentor and trainer, I hope they know what they are getting into trying to train me! They promised to be brutal :). Looking over the training schedule I think I can really do this! I think about the people in my life that have been affected by cancer of all types and it motivates me to do this for them. Even on the worst day of training, I can't imagine that even compares to the best day of their/their loved one's treatment. That thought will keep me going when I don't want to go anymore. I met my honored team member Morgan. She is only 14 years old and is a beautiful teenage girl. She was diagnosed in January 2002 with aggressive Acute Myelogenous Leukemia and is currently in remission. I hope I can help her and other people who have to fight this terrible disease. Cancer sucks.

I hope you will visit my web site often. I'll be blogging here so be sure to check back frequently to see my progress. Thanks for your




Supporter Comments

    "Aimee, Good Luck with your training! "

    Donna Lesniak

    Sat Jan 23 09:25:59 EST 2010

    "Good Luck Aimee!! "

    Jill Tortelli

    Wed Jan 27 08:52:21 EST 2010

    "May your faith keep you warm and your spirit keep you strong"

    David Arvayo

    Tue Feb 02 05:34:42 EST 2010

    "Good luck with your marathon Aimee!"

    David Hutson

    Wed Feb 03 01:34:18 EST 2010

    "Way to go Aimee! Your support for this org is not misplaced & very much appreciated. My son has Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (CML). He's been in remission for almost 9 yrs thanks to the tenacity of LLS in supporting the research & development for the wonder drug Gleevec. He will probably take Gleevec for the rest of his life unless something better comes along. If so, LLS will probably be responsible for that too. Good luck to you in all your efforts."

    Phyllis A Sheppard (HP)

    Wed Feb 03 03:20:16 EST 2010

    "Dear Aimee, Training for months, then running 26.2 miles to finish a Marathon can seem like a life time....for many people with leukemia,lymphoma or blood disorders it is. You can do this one step at a time so they too can cross the finish line with victory. It's about the journey along the way ...not the finish line. I'm Happy for you... You will enjoy the journey and it will be a life changing event for you. Running a Marathon is 2% energy and 98 % mental energy with the support of friends and family. YOU CAN DO THIS! If you visit Michigan before the marathon call me and we can meet for a training run. Love to run!!!! Best wishes, Yvette Marie (Morad) Metz"

    Yvette Marie Metz/Yvette Marie Interiors,Inc.

    Sat Feb 13 11:49:03 EST 2010

    "Hi Aimee - Best wishes on fullfilling your dream. Sounds like the perfect project while Glen is deployed. We will pray for you both. Lots of love - Wayne, Suzette, Matt and Luke"

    Wayne Lyons Family

    Tue Feb 16 12:31:34 EST 2010

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Evelyn Johnston $200.00
Bank of America $100.00
Robert Davies $100.00
Bank of America $100.00
Frank Zambo $100.00
Walid Kandah $100.00
Jeffrey Patton $100.00
D Lesniak $100.00
Phyllis A Sheppard (HP) $100.00
Anonymous $100.00
Aimee Lyons $81.00
Aimee Lyons $80.00
Carol Nolan $75.00
William Johnston $60.00
Alfred Morad $60.00
Lori Eastman $50.00
James Makowski $50.00
Bank of America $50.00
Patti Stebbins $50.00
Barbette Johnston $50.00
Cynthia Brazzil $50.00
Sheila Lyons $50.00
Stephen Nelson $50.00
Steven Heiland $50.00
Bank of America $50.00
Dawn Goldberg $50.00
Sheri Royer $50.00
Donna Sugg $50.00
Wayne Lyons Family $50.00
David Arvayo $50.00
Jill Tortelli $50.00
Evelyn Johnston $35.00
Frank Mikusi, Jr $30.00
Aimee Lyons $29.00
Bank of America $25.00
Joyce Margo Rodriguez $25.00
Bank of America $25.00
Ruth Mitchell $25.00
Shannon Kadlec $25.00
Leah Kunzelman $25.00
Pat Mikecin $25.00
Mary Alfonse $25.00
William O'Shea $25.00
Albert Goldberg $25.00
Jessie Best $25.00
Craig Cebulskie $25.00
John Demattia $25.00
Bank of America $25.00
Victoria Easton $25.00
The Zamorano Family $25.00
Kathy Tokarski $25.00
Yvette Marie Metz/Yvette ... $25.00
Tiffany Defibaugh $25.00
David Hutson $25.00
Leslie Vitek $25.00
Donna Lesniak $25.00
Donald Margenau $20.00
Cassandra Barbin $20.00
S C Johnston $20.00
Thomas Wheeler $20.00
Edith Johnston $20.00
Nickie Lodovico $20.00
Timothy Kincaid $20.00
Margaret Williamson $20.00
David Zambo Gray $15.00
Francis Spisak $15.00
James Pappas $15.00
Frank Mikusi, Jr $10.00
Elizabeth Davies $10.00
Lynn Lindner $10.00
J. Cox $10.00
Dennis Mikusi $10.00
Frederick Searles $10.00
william blake $10.00
Robert Davies $10.00
Dave Orahood $10.00
Dale Decquir $10.00
Aimee Lyons $5.00
Fred Groehler