Welcome to our Team's Homepage

Sep 17, 2012 by Debbie Gealy

Welcome to our Team's Homepage
Dec 06, 2012

Hi Family and Friends.

Thank you so much for visiting our team page.

TEAM DAN GEALY is raising funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

We are raising funds to help find cures and more effective treatment for leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma. As a team, we can accomplish great things towards cures for blood cancers.

Here is our story to tell you why this is near and dear to our heart.

We are all best friends who have joined together to become a TEAM IN TRAINING for LLS. We have committed to train to run a ½ marathon at Walt Disney World in FL on January 12, 2013. Yeah..i know…what were we thinking…Let me tell you what we were thinking!! We want to raise money for LLS!

Together, there’s no telling what we can do. As a TEAM, we can combine efforts to save lives.

We all are personally running in memory of our friend DAN GEALY, who was Debbie's husband. He is a dearly missed part of our 6 family friends group. We began vacationing together as families 13 years ago in FL making so many wonderful memories. We have withstood having babies, moving away from each other, having teenagers and now some college kids! We have vacationed together for the past 13 years and 2 years ago, we lost Dan to Lymphoma. It was one of the saddest times our families have ever gone through. We miss him terribly every day, but know that he is our special guardian angel. We are all still together today after 15 years which is unusual in this day with the busyness of life. I'm not so sure there are any other groups as special as ours. : ) We make time for each other. By the Way Dan’s wife, Debbie, is our Team Captain who is a cancer survivor. YAY!!

We have seen up close and personal what Dan went through on a daily basis. What's a little muscle soreness and rigorous training compared to all the hours at the hospital and pain and fatigue he faced everyday. It’s a drop in the bucket. We love having a goal to work towards and we will keep you posted on our training.

We have committed to this marathon and have agreed to personally raise a minimum of $3,300 EACH to help fight blood cancer. WE as TEAM DAN GEALY will be raising $19,300 together. YES! That’s pretty high commitment but with your help we KNOW we will reach our Goal!

The net proceeds of the TNT Marathon benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to fund blood cancer research, education, screening, and treatment programs. In order to reach our TEAM goal, we are asking you for support in the form of monetary donation. All donations are tax deductible.

Unfortunately, blood cancer has become an all too common occurrence among children, women and men throughout the world. Now is the time to take action to help end this disease. The more funds we raise, the sooner we can end this fight.

Please make a donation in support of our efforts with Team In Training and help advance the research for cures.

Thank you.


If you see us running down the road!!! HOLLA! CHEER US ON!


Debbie Gealy, Lori Dobberstein, Melinda Marshall, Kristan Aaron, Tayna Thacker, Lori Lill


Supporter Comments

    "Melinda and Debbie: It was so nice to hang out with you guys last year at the Hawk's game and very nice to meet you Debbie. I'm very proud of all of you guys for taking on this challenge. I know that you will be successful - it's so much easier when you are doing it for others. Good Luck! Kevin Davenport"

    Kevin Davenport

    Mon Nov 12 10:38:25 EST 2012

    "You go Girls!"

    Patty C. Williams

    Sat Sep 08 04:06:25 EDT 2012

Team Fundraising Total

Goal: $16,250.00
127 %
Donations: $20,630.75

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