My Fundraising Page

My Fundraising Page
Jan 26, 2009 by Betty Rhoades

Racing to Save Lives

Welcome to my Team In Training home page! I hope you'll visit often and pass the link on to your friends, families, and co-workers.

After raising funds for and participating in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer during my tenure in DC, I decided I needed a different kind of challenge. After receiving a Team In Training postcard in a 5K goody bag, I decided to take the plunge and train for my first triathlon! So far, I've already stretched myself farther than I ever thought I could, and it's all in an effort to help stop leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin lymphoma and myeloma from taking more lives.

On July 12, I will participate in the Chattanooga Waterfront Triathlon, an Olympic-distance event that includes a 1.5K open-water swim, a 42K cycle, and a 10K run. Your donations are tex-deductible and, of course, VERY much appreciated by me and by the heroes who are battling with blood cancers each and every day.

Be sure to check back frequently to see my progress. Thanks for your support!

Love, Betty

NEWS!!! I competed in the Iron Girl Atlanta sprint triathlon on Sunday, June 28. IT WAS AWESOME!!! Look for a race report soon on the blog,


Supporter Comments

    "Good luck, Tony!"

    Katherine Partington

    Thu Oct 17 08:42:57 EDT 2013

    "WiL POWER!"

    Ivan Sciupac

    Wed Oct 23 11:49:18 EDT 2013

    "Our prayers are with you as you participate in this very worthy cause."

    Ivan Sciupac

    Tue Oct 29 03:57:52 EDT 2013

    "For Aislinn's Army. "

    Mon Jan 20 09:50:21 EST 2014

    "Good Luck!!"

    Mon Jan 20 10:30:12 EST 2014

    "Best wishes Mark!"

    Mon Jan 20 05:28:07 EST 2014

    "It is a pleasure to help a great cause and friend who devotes so much energy to it."

    Tue Jan 21 11:38:41 EST 2014

    "For a great cause"

    Tue Jan 21 02:39:17 EST 2014

    "Mark, this is for 2 squares on your SuperBowl Fundraiser."

    Wed Jan 22 09:56:20 EST 2014

    "Thanks Mark for your continued dedication to fighting cancer"

    Mon Jan 27 08:56:29 EST 2014

    "Keep up the great work Mark! "

    Tue Jan 28 08:11:43 EST 2014

    "May the road rise up to meet you, May the wind be always at your back. Great Work! "

    Tue Jan 28 10:11:24 EST 2014

    "Mark - It is always nice to hear about your noble efforts for this very worthy cause. "

    Tue Jan 28 07:13:09 EST 2014

    "Keep up the great work my man - always love to see your dedication!!"

    Wed Jan 29 06:55:53 EST 2014

    "This is for 5 square for the Superbowl Fundraiser. Keep up the great work towards this great cause! "

    Thu Jan 30 08:28:03 EST 2014

    "Way to go Mark! Go Broncos!"

    Thu Jan 30 11:57:35 EST 2014

    "Super Bowl"

    Mon Feb 03 10:26:08 EST 2014

    "Good luck Betty!"

    Barrett and Kari Bogue

    Fri Feb 06 10:35:45 EST 2009

    "Go Team Terry! "

    Thu Nov 07 11:20:41 EST 2013

    "To the Keeble Family,I want to applaud your strength and courage through all that has happened. I can only hope I might use you as a symbol of that strength in life."

    Sat Dec 14 02:44:12 EST 2013

    "Jeramie, Thank you for sending this to me. Give that 1/2 marathon hell my friend."

    Sat Dec 14 03:09:04 EST 2013

    "Words can not discribe such a loss to you and your family have just went through. I can tell you that you and your family have been on our thoughts and prayers. May the Lord help ease your pain and help you and your family get through this loss. Kayleigh's name is in the Book of Life and she is destined to far better place. I admire your courage and am happy to help you support "Fight like a Girl marathon". "

    Mon Dec 16 11:24:31 EST 2013

    "Jeramie and Family: With the amount of heart that is in the Keeble family, you will probably be able to run this in the next couple of weeks. Good Luck"

    Mon Dec 16 11:27:58 EST 2013

    "Jeramie & Courtney, My Mom died of leukemia three years ago; since then my son Adam has run marathons and biked for LLS Team in Training out of Louisville, Ky. God Bless you for doing this in Kayleigh's memory!"

    Mon Dec 16 12:07:59 EST 2013

    "Our hearts are with you."

    Mon Dec 16 07:26:46 EST 2013

    "From CEPM, Jeramie Keeble & Family, Our thoughts and prayers are with you!"

    Mon Dec 16 09:11:27 EST 2013

    "Jeramie and Courtney: We are proud to support your efforts in the LLS Team in Training. May you find strength to complete your mission. "Fight like a girl" MJM Grand"

    Wed Dec 18 11:25:35 EST 2013

    "Our thoughts and prayers are with you."

    Wed Dec 18 12:56:26 EST 2013

    "I don't think the 1/2 marathon stands a chance. Good luck "Fight Like A Girl""

    Wed Dec 18 01:31:16 EST 2013

    "We love you guys"

    Mon Dec 23 09:57:38 EST 2013

    "In memory of my daughter Josie. She passed away October 5th in a car accident . She is forever 15. "

    Tue Jan 14 07:10:05 EST 2014

    "You go, girl!! Keep up the good work."

    Joan Heminway

    Mon Mar 16 10:18:54 EDT 2009

    "Hi, Lemmonex mentioned it on her site, so I need to donate, because my mother passed away from non- hodgkins lymphoma 2 years ago. I can't resist donating to L&L Society related events or actually cancer in general. Good look on the event!"

    Anthony Lam

    Tue Mar 31 03:54:34 EDT 2009

    "I know that you'll do great! Your determination and level of commitment will pay off! I'll be thinking about you."


    Tue Apr 07 05:45:52 EDT 2009

    "Sorry I can't make the happy hour. Good luck in the race!"

    Julie Ledford

    Wed Apr 08 12:00:09 EDT 2009

    "I support the cause, my mother is currently battling and my grandfather lost his struggle. Thank you for your efforts."

    Mark Thoresen

    Wed Apr 08 11:20:30 EDT 2009

    "Good luck Betty!!!!"

    Jerri Glassman

    Sat Apr 11 12:48:54 EDT 2009

    "Best of luck Betty! To Life!"

    Staci and Jason Woulfin

    Tue Apr 14 03:37:18 EDT 2009

    "Betty, you continue to amaze us with all that you do for others and how you push yourself! We would have given more, but we have a wedding to pay for :-) I know you will make everyone proud!! Love you!! Mom and Dad"

    Jody and Bill Thurber

    Fri Apr 24 01:00:29 EDT 2009

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