My Fundraising Page

My Fundraising Page
Nov 02, 2010 by Mitzi Jiles

Racing to Save Lives


MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! I'm VERY HAPPY to report I'm an official marathoner!

My weekend in San Francisco for the Nike Women's marathon was everything I hoped for and more. I don't think you will truly be able to understand what the event meant to me by just reading my words. It's been two weeks and I'm still smiling.

The weekend all started off by me attending the Starlight Reception for top fundraisers. Yep, through all of your generosity I was the 26th top fundraiser in the country for the race. My grand total was $9300.02 and 125% of goal! THANK YOU!! So, at the starlight reception one of the speakers was the top fundraiser in the country!! He raised $44k for this race! His love for the cause had me in tears. It was truly a very special night that I was lucky to share with my mentor, Lori.

The best news of that night was that $13 million dollars was raised for this ONE race for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society... and in 7 years of existence this one race has raised over $105 million dollars total for LLS!! Now if that doesn't make you want to stand up and cheer! SIMPLY AMAZING!!!

On Saturday, I took it easy, did a mile fun run with my Team, yummy breakfast at Honey Honey and then decided I'd stay off my feet and do a on and off bus tour of San Fran. In hindsight this bus ride changed my race day. While taking the trip over the Golden Gate Bridge I was freezing. Beyond cold, freezing... and my back started to get really tight. My biggest fear going into this weekend was how was my back going to hold up for the race. I realized at the moment that I had no other choice but to do the early start the next morning. Since forecast showed that it was going to be even colder and rainy for race day I couldn't take the chance of my back giving out on me and not being able to finish in the alloted time. So, one bus ride changed everything.

When we got back from the tour it was time for all the festivities of the weekend to begin. The entire Georgia Team got together for our strategy meeting. We got pointers for the race and then they handed out awards. I was the top fundraiser for the state of Georgia- WOO HOO- and got a very pretty Tiffany necklace for my efforts. VERY SWEET and I was very surprised. Then they handed out bibs to all the cancer survivors to wear as honored heroes on race day. There were people who stood up in the room who I had no idea also fought a battle with cancer and if I could have hugged everyone, I would have! Now it was my turn. I got up in front of everyone to give the pep talk about the cause and how appreciative I was to them for being apart of TNT...I wanted everyone to remember the next day out on the race course that the race will happen regardless...but what is most important is the cause.

I shared with them an entry from my journal that I kept when I was sick. I really had thought I had thrown the journal away many years ago with everything cancer...but I found it the weekend before the race. I had never sat down and really read my words. Needless to say I cried and cried and cried reading some of the stuff I wrote. I wore a big brave face on the outside when I was being treated but per my journal I was one scared young lady. I had never shared my journal with anyone. No one, not even my parents but I felt the need to share an entry with my Team. I wanted them to know that when the race got hard, cancer sucked worse. Reading that entry out loud I took a step closer to healing. I've had an up and down battle with my cancer. Yes, it's been in remission for nine years but me and cancer had a love hate relationship and I think I'm really 100% on the side of love now. I'm who I am today because of it and for that, I'm grateful!

It was a very emotional moment and I'm glad I was surrounded by people who truly cared about LLS and me. It will be a moment I'll never forget.

Next, we were off to be inspired. The inspiration dinner for this race is like no other! It's HUGE! We heard from so many different people that night and they honored us for our dedication to TNT! It was a very special night with my very special Team. Lots and Lots of tears were shed by me and so many others. Tears of joy and tears of sadness. You know, my life could have gone a different direction but luckily I was able to be at that inspiration dinner and proudly got to stand as a survivor!

So, now it was time to head back to the hotel to get to bed for race day on Sunday. As I mentioned, during my bus ride I opted to do the early start. What this consisted of was I was going to start the race at 5:30 where everyone else on my Team would start at 7:00. I got back to the room and had to get everything ready for the next day and my stomach was a ball of nerves. It was about to be go time and I honestly didn't know if I could do it. In my heart I knew I could do it but I wasn't 100% convinced my body was going to be able to hold up to do it.

I slept less than 2 hours that night and tossed and turned for hours. I finally decided to get up, get ready and try to eat my bagel and banana. I smiled at my roommate as I headed out the door all ready for my marathon adventure to begin. The few of us who were doing early start met up at 5:00. One thing I was kinda sad about in doing the early start is I would miss out on pictures with my teammates that I had trained with all season. But to my surprise, bright and early, waiting with me to get pictures were my coaches and captains and lots of other smiling faces from the Georgia Team. I got my pictures and that right there made me a very happy camper!! =) It's all about moments for me. Now, about the food, I couldn't get the bagel down. In fact, I only got a few bites when I thought I would throw up. I knew this would come back and bite me in the butt later but I had no choice I threw away the bagel.

As we walked to the starting line there were a good 1000 people or so who were ready and lined up for the early start. This made me happy. I wouldn't be completely by myself after all. I gave Gretchen and Amy a hug... they wished me luck and I found my way all the way to the front of the starting line. I was standing there taking deep breaths and visualizing what I was about to do!! I knew I was ready!! All of the sudden with just a few minutes to spare I turned around and there again were my awesome coaches Gretchen and Amy! They didn't want me to start by myself and since they were coaches they could be in the starting area with me. HOW WONDERFUL ARE THEY??

I'm going to drift off for one second and tell you about my coaches. These two ladies never lost faith in me. Throughout everything I went through the entire season they were rocks. They ran with me, walked with me, talked to me and encouraged me. I don't have enough kind words to describe what they mean to me!! I know, without a doubt without them.... I would NOT be a marathoner! I love them with all my heart.

OK, so back to the race. Gun goes off, and I'm off. It was funny to be right behind the pace car. The sign on the car said if you pass it, then you are disqualified. This cracked me up, I was hanging with the pace car!! Yep, I'm really that fast!! Ok, I'm kidding because that darn car went SLOW! I mean SUPER slow, to the point that I was very worried that I wouldn't get loose fast enough to get my legs ready for the rest of the race. Oh, and it was COLD! However, that all passed quickly when the car sped up and we were on our way.

I realized VERY early in the race that since I had lots of extra time on my hands that I was going to enjoy it. I was also very happy that I decided to do the race solo. It was the best reflection time I've ever had in my life!! Each mile from the beginning was done in honor of someone who had fought cancer, lost their life to cancer, for the Team, and to my doctors!! I also said a million and one little thank you's to god. He gave me my life back and he was holding my hand that day as I was taking on a marathon.

Everything was pretty smooth sailing until mile 6 when I had forgotten that for the next two miles everything was uphill. WOW, that was hard! VERY hard but I kept chugging along ...talking to new friends and being cheered on by the coaches from different chapters of TNT. Finally, as I was heading down towards mile 10 of the race course I saw my chapter of TNT on the side of the road cheering. How fun! Then getting close to 11, Amy and Gretchen basically attacked me! They ran with me up until the 11 mark and I told them I was ok and I was having the time of my life. Really, I hate to say this, I LOVED this race!!

Around mile 13 is when the rain came in... and pretty much rained till the finish.

Around mile 15 or 16 is when I saw coach Tommy and it took everything in my power not to bust out crying. He said he was not expecting to see me with a huge smile on my face but I really did smile almost the entire way.

After this point, the half marathoners were breaking to the right towards the finish line and the full marathoners went left to do the next 10 plus miles of their race. I had heard lots of things about the great highway and none of it was good. However, I didn't mind it. I stuck with my routine and that's all I could do. If I needed to walk a little more than run, then I did... I was NOT going to beat myself up for this race. I was going to finish and that was all that mattered.

Now, around 18 I was hungry! Oh, my stomach was in knots and THANKFULLY they were handing out something at the water stop that allowed me to chew and feel like I was eating a meal. It saved me! SO, now I'm off around Lake Merced. Yep, a full lake. I had heard about this as well. Heck, I thought this was the best part of the course. Hardly any hills and it was a pretty easy run. I loved cheering for people as they passed me and encouraging those that I passed. How fun, YES, I did pass people!! =)

Now, if I hadn't already had the time of my life everything got a little sweeter. One of my captains Whitney ran the 1/2 marathon. Well, when she was finished she jumped back on the course, ran 4 miles down the road and met me at mile 22. She said that I had done the race by myself and she wanted to finish it with me. TEAR! So fun, I loved having her company!!!

Around mile 24 things could have gone REALLY ugly. I had to completely stop and do nothing but walk. My inner thighs on both legs were cramping. I'm talking charlie horse cramping. PAIN, PAIN, PAIN... but I tried to laugh it off and ask Whitney why people want to do marathons? I didn't stop because I was afraid if I did I would not pick back up and be able to finish. So, I walked.

Then I got to mile 25. Waiting at 25, were Gretchen, Amy and Tommy. They were so cute. They were so excited for me and I was literally on cloud nine. I couldn't stop long because my legs hurt like a bitch, so Gretchen and Amy joined me and Whitney and they finished the race with me. It was fitting. They got me there, they should be the ones that took me over the finish line. When I got to the last .2 mark of the race I was running again. My excitement had taken over and all I could do was run. I was hooping and hollering and smiling from ear to ear. The feeling is one I can never EVER explain. As I neared the finish line and everyone grabbed my hands, I looked to my left and there was my team!! Those who had finished their half marathon had been waiting for me, they cheered and they were crying.... and it was for me. WHAT AN AMAZING TEAM!!

So, I crossed the finish line. I WAS A MARATHONER!!! It still didn't hit me after I crossed that I had just finished 26.2 miles. (I still don't believe it to this day) My body hurt, I was cold, I was wet but I was so excited none of that mattered. I battled a disease that should have killed me and I should have never been out there that day!! I remembered all the bad days I had had and at that moment they were all washed away. I was a marathoner! An accomplishment that never in my wildest dreams would I think I could do.... I now had a label. 26.2 MARATHONER!!!

The rest of the day and night was spent celebrating! Oh, did I celebrate and dance and had the time of my life. Now, the next day my body hated me but I didn't care!! It was worth it. Being on the TEAM was a gift from god. He led me to them... and after completeing three races with TNT I know my calling is to be an advocate and get as many people as I can to join me in the future!

I have met the most amazing people and I've made friends for life! BUT none of it would have been possible without you and your generosity and your support!!!!!! So from the bottom of my heart, Thank you!!!

OH, and since the race a few things have happened. I've cut radio commericals that are currently being played on B98.5 in hopes that people will join the Team and I was on Live TV last week sharing my story. If you would like to hear these clips or see the TV bit let me know and I'll send you the links.

So, this race is now over! Next up is the Thanksgiving half marathon, the Disney princess half marathon in February and then with the Team, in March, I will do the Publix half marathon. AFTER THAT.... I will do my next full.... yep, I will be doing it again!! SO, if you would like to join me in any of these events just let me know.

LOVE TO YOU ALL!!! You made this a event of a lifetime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It's the FINAL countdown! We have finally made it to October. That means in 17 days-- it's race day. I am such a ball of nerves and emotions I don't even know where to begin.

Last Saturday was my final long run and with all the set backs I had this season I was only allowed to do 18 miles. (ha, ha- who finds the humor in ONLY being allowed to do 18). However, guess who kicked 18 miles in the butt and ended with a smile?? You guessed it...ME!

I was over the moon excited that I was able to push through on a hot day and finish strong. The glee I felt was similiar to HOW excited I was the day I was put into remission. You ask, how could I compare the two? That's easy, any obstacle we face in life is going to be challenging... but if you work hard, never give up, and keep a positive attitude--then all finishes should come with the same level of excitment. It keeps us real!! SO, YAY... I did the long run and now I'm enjoying the taper.

I know per my last blog, you are all aware that I met my fundraising goal. Well, now, not only have I met the goal I have kicked it's butt and am over the $9000 mark!!! WOW, that's all I can really say!!! From the beginning, I set out to be a top fundraiser with the hopes that I could reach that mark but for it to actually happen is beyond humbling. Simply put, this was accomplished by a circle of friends, family and co-workers who have hearts that only know love. I thank you! Because of your generosity, I am one of the top 50 fundraisers in the NATION for Nike Women's Marathon. =) HOW COOL IS THAT!!!!

Don't worry, when I'm at the dinner that honors the top fundraisers I will be there honoring of ALL of you!!!

I will update again before I leave for San Fran but for now.... GO TEAM!!!! =)

Love you all.


I wish there was another way to say Thank You!! There have been so many times in my life and especially these last few months that I just don't think it's enough. Last night, my online auction came to an end... and in total I raised $1675. HOLY CRAPOLA!! Can you believe that?! I'm simply overwhelmed yet again with emotion!! I know that I was able to get some amazing items donted-- but I could have never imagined how deep friends, family, teammates and old friends from HS would dig into their pockets to bid. WOW, is all I can say.

I'm VERY, VERY, VERY happy to report that I have now hit, oh and surpassed, the $7500 goal that I set out to raise. I thank EACH and EVERY one of you from the very bottom of my heart for your support and generosity throughout these last five months, heck longer than that but for now the last five months sound about right.

One month from today I will be in San Fran full of nerves in anticipation for my race. I can't believe it's almost here. It's surreal that the end is piece of the puzzle has been, with the help of my AMAZING and LOVING coaches, captains, mentors and friends----- crossing the finish line will be the icing on the cake.

Training for any endurance event takes a lot of time and effort but it pales in comparison to the endurance needed (from a patient’s perspective) to fight cancer. And no one can train you how to do that… it must come from within. That’s what makes cancer patients/survivors so strong, their willingness to fight in the presence of insurmountable obstacles. I have been one of those patients and now I am a survivor running in honor of those still fighting.




Wow, wow, wow! I'm only SIX weeks out from my marathon and I'm not going to lie the nerves have set in. With all the setbacks I've taken this season I'm nowhere near the same level (with regards to running) as a lot of my teammates... and that has been hard to handle. No one ever wants to run alone but it's ok, my goal for the race is to finish and that will happen. The idea of having to walk a lot of this race has also set... in and you know what, I'm ok with that too! I walk pretty fast, so if that last 13.1 miles is me speed racing through San Fran then that is what I'll have to do. No biggie at all =)

I have another angle I'd like to share with you all of why I'm on Team in Training.

Yes, being a cancer survivor is a blessing. Yes, research for a cure is important. Yes, it's for those patients still fighting and those who lost their lives. But it's also so much more.

I've flashbacked to when I was sitting in the emergency room over 10 years ago waiting anxiously for my test results. At that moment I wish I could have been alone. I wish it could have just been me, the doctors nurses and anyone else who worked at the hospital, but it wasn't.

As I was in a daze being told terrible, change your life in a second, type of news.... there sat my mom.

Her eyes filled with tears, her heart breaking, her world crumbling...she had to witness the "you have cancer" diagnosis. The fact that she was a mere bystander to the words that I had Leukemia and that I could die in two weeks still haunts me! It's one of the most painful memories I have from my entire experience with cancer.

Parents should NEVER have to hear that the son/daughter they have raised, loved, and nurtured get diagnosed with a deadly disease. No matter how old they are.

When those words "you have cancer" came out of Dr. Morris's mouth I turned to my mom and I smiled. I told her that it was going to be ok. I was going to be fine and she had nothing to worry about. I became the parent. I comforted her. I was watching her watch me and all she saw was my life flashing before her eyes.

Why am I apart of Team in Training? Lance Armstrong said, it's because I have an obligation as a cancer survivor, but for me it's for the parents, siblings, family members, friends and caregivers. I hope there comes a day that they no longer have to hear someone they love is sick.

As long as I'm able... I will fight for a cure for cancer. Thank you again for all the support! Love you guys!!!


This past Saturday was all sport GTS (Group Training Session, we have it every Saturday but this week ALL the teams were there instead of just the running teams) and it was an exhilarating day for all the different TEAMS training for events. The parking lot was full of smiles, hugs, and warm greetings as everyone was signing in, dropping off keys and picking up color coordinated wrist bands.

On my search for the Nike Team I passed the Bike Teams (I thought, I need to buy a bike), the ½ Ironman and Tri Teams (I thought, maybe I should try a tri), the Chicago Team (I thought, what a fun day for 16 miles) and then I found my phenomenal teammates from Nike all ready to run! I was about to endure another GTS per doctor's orders that I wasn’t allowed to run (so, I walked all the miles instead)...BUT the good news is my back is on the mends and I should be back to 100% very, very soon!! YAYA!!!

Before our run/walk adventure we chatted and shared congratulations for our lovely coach Amy who had gotten engaged the night before. Yay, Amy!! THEN, it was GO TIME!!! Watches were set, running partners hooked up and all went QUIET!

All sport GTS always starts with a silent mile. Let’s just say I’ve never been someone who handled silence well. Growing up, I was usually separated from friends in school because I talked too much and I have spent my career in sales due to knowing that my strength is that I always have something to say.

As everyone went quiet; I took in the silence. Throughout the years I've struggled with being a victim and a survivor of cancer and I know that god led me to the TNT program. Hearing the pounding of feet hitting the pavement without anyone saying a word filled me with so much life! My TEAM members allowed me to reach out and hear them in a way I wasn’t expecting.

I heard determination. Determination to the miles they had set out to run and a determination to keep training and fundraising in hopes of finding a cure for a cancer that almost took my life. I heard love. Oh, I know they were loving the humidity =) but the love I heard was from a group of people who have hearts that only know how to give. From me, I heard gratitude. Gratitude to everyone who trains with Team in Training, gratitude to the new friendships that have been created and gratitude to still be living a life that is cancer free!

I’m 8 weeks away from my race and still in the hunt for donations!!! So, if you are able, don’t be shy… I will gladly accept any amount you generously want to direct my way.

Much love,



So, the last couple of weeks have been frustrating, painful and humbling!!! I haven't been able to run...enter sad face here!! =( My back has been bothering me to the point that I couldn't walk and I had to sit out two Saturday runs with the Team and my weekly runs. BOO HISS!!

But, with every set back comes good news...first and foremost, today will be my first day that I can get back out there and hit the pavement (YAY) and I finally met an ortho that wants to start the process of fixing my back once and for all. YAY!!! enter happy face here!! =)

SO, I'm been a bit of a sour puss over my back. I have had the pity party, cussed up a storm with the "why me" and have stayed drugged up on Oxycodene. However, I had a BIG wake up call over the weekend with regards to this set back. I was talking to one of my friends on the Team, Jim Osterman, and we were laughing about how we are both injured and how sometimes things just don't always work out the way we want.

It got me thinking... have I really taken the time to sulk and be a brat over having to sit out a few weeks? Are you kidding me?? What the heck is wrong with me??? I'm SO lucky to still be alive to have these aches and pains!!!! So what if chemo has weakened the discs in my back, who cares if I had to take a few weeks off, so what if the daily comings of life threw me a bag of lemons.... I'm ALIVE!!!! Hello lemons, I'm going to make one heck of a batch of lemonade!!!!! (Now if that lemonade gets spiked with my new favorite blueberry vodka then that will just add even more life the party) =)

With my renewed attitude, I am happy to say I signed my recommitment paperwork and come October 17th I'll be running (or walking or crawling if I have too) my first full marathon. I'm honored to have these aches and pains... I earned them!!! Seriously, having this bad back is NOTHING compared to what fighting for my life felt like. So, bring it 26.2! =)

Also, I want to send out a GREAT BIG over the top Thank you to all of you who have donated so far!!!! I'm beyond touched and I feel the love!!! I have finally reached the half way point of raising $7500....I still have two plus months to go.... so don't be afraid to contribute more if you want or send my fundraising link out to everyone in your network. Come on, lets cure cancer together!!

Love you guys!



I wanted to give an update from when I originally put this page together. SOOO much has happened. First off, a little info on the training. It's tough. This summer has been beyond hot which has made the running and training pretty challenging. The miles are on the increase as the marathon is just about 3 months away. I still can't believe it!! In three months, I will be crossing the finish line of a FULL marathon 26.2 miles!! YAY!!! Every Saturday, from here on out, the miles are going to push me to a level I've never been pushed before. This week we are on the books for 12!! Let's just say, outside of all the half marathons I've completed this will be the most mileage I've run on a random day. I'm trying real hard to stay the course and just focus on the training on a day to day basis.... but I can't help but keep thinking about the 20 mile "training run" that will be here before I know it. I'm scared!!!!

However, I guess being scared is a good and bad thing. It keeps me real.

I've been beyond humbled this season by all the amazing people who are training with me for this race. It's not just me being the "honored hero"... it's the people on my TEAM who are amazing! I never thought that I could meet a group of people who care more about others than themselves. It's been my honor to run with them!

Now, the reason it's taken me so long to update my progress is because of the next piece of news. May 30, 2010 while many of you were celebrating the Memorial Day weekend my personal honored hero Heather Barcan lost her life to Leukemia. Heather has been my hero from the day I met her and was my inspiration for every race I've completed thus far. She was a beautiful, vibrant 30 year old who's life ended way too early from a disease that shows no remorse. I've had a really hard time with this. I guess the survivor’s guilt has kicked into overdrive and I just can't grasp why I got to live and so many others have to die.

Through my guilt, I have had to remind myself that what I'm doing with Team in Training is for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society... and that the money I'm raising will help find a cure and more patients can live a life in remission the way I have. I made a promise to Heather the day of her funeral that her life will never be forgotten and her memory will be with me always! She is with me daily, I turn to her when I don't want to run or it's hard or I'm just not feeling it. See, she can't run so I have to do this for her!!! I've lost too many people to a disease that should have easily taken my life. I, however, got the "get out of jail" free card, SO I will use this card by spending the rest of my life fighting for those who aren't here to fight for themselves.

Life is precious; it's a gift that is not to be taken for granted. I wake up every morning and start the day with a thank you. I don't know what the day will have in store for me but I'm grateful and blessed to have it.

I will leave you with this.... I'm still off from my fundraising goal of $7,500, so if you are able… I'd be forever appreciative if you could make a small donation to me and Heather (in my honor and in her memory). She and I have a race to complete in October!

April 2010

Welcome to my Team In Training home page and Thank you (on the front end) for checking it out!!!

For many of you, you know my story. I was 25 years old and living life to the fullest when I was sidelined with a sudden diagnosis of Leukemia. The three little letters of AML were foreign to me but soon I realized, I disliked those three letters very much!!! Acute Myeloid Leukemia, a very fast spreading form of cancer had taken over my body and without chemo starting the next day I would be dead in two weeks. YIKES!!! What other option did I have?? I started chemo the next day and the rest is history!! I’M NOW NINE YEARS IN REMISSION!!!!! =)

Team in Training is very special to me because the money raised goes directly to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. This will be my THIRD race and this time it’s a FULL MARATHON!!! Oh ya, watch out 26.2 miles because I’m going to eat you up!!!!! =)

I’m also the Honored Hero for the Georgia Chapter heading to San Fran….. so, I’m kinda a big deal!! Ha, ha, ha!!! =) So, this year, the TNT Team heading to San Francisco will be doing this race in MY HONOR!!!! I get a little teary eyed just typing it out!! Can you believe that they picked me??? It's an amazing honor!!!

However, there is someone who is a bigger deal to me personally… Heather Barcan! Heather has been my personal hero for every race I’ve completed with Team in Training. Please keep this beautiful young lady in your prayers as she stays heavy on my heart!!! She is a strong, loving, tenacious 30 year old who came out of remission this past February. She is now at MD Anderson in hopes of finally being cured of her cancer for once and for all. If Heather can be brave and strong while fighting this HORRIBLE disease then by gosh, I can run 26.2 miles!!!!

However, I need to raise $7500!!!!!!!!! And I can't do it without your help!!! Any amount you can donate is beyond appreciated! I know times are tough, so again, thank you!!! If you could also forward this to anyone and everyone in your address book who might be willing to help-- that would be a fantastic gift!!! (Please remember, your donation is 100% tax deductible)

On behalf of me and The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, THANK YOU very much for your support. I hope you will visit my web site often. Be sure to check back frequently to see my progress.

As long as I have two strong legs I'm going to continue to get out there and fight for those who aren't able too. So, I need your support to cross the ultimate finish line - a cure!

I want to leave you with this… Training for any endurance event takes a lot of time and effort but it pales in comparison to the endurance needed (from a patient’s perspective) to fight cancer. And no one can train you how to do that… it must come from within. That’s what makes cancer patients/survivors so strong, their willingness to fight in the presence of insurmountable obstacles. I have been one of those patients and now I am a survivor running in honor of those still fighting.

Thanks again!!!




Supporter Comments

    "You go Mitzi!!! SO proud of you!!"

    Debra Blalock

    Thu Oct 14 07:26:24 EDT 2010

    "I cannot wait to run this with you and one day find a CURE! You inspire me, amaze me and you are a TRUE HERO!"

    Kara Stanley

    Tue Sep 07 07:23:43 EDT 2010

    "Mitzi you rock my world! "

    Shay Lawson (Adv Mgmt Group)

    Tue Sep 07 05:00:36 EDT 2010

    "Best wishes not only reaching but exceeding your goal!"

    Shade' Akande

    Fri Aug 27 08:39:59 EDT 2010

    "Mitzi! I am so excited for you and your 1st marathon! Best of luck with the last few weeks of training & the big day! Go Team!"

    Barbie Vines :o)

    Thu Aug 26 11:15:21 EDT 2010

    "Mitzi, Thanks for keeping Heather's memory alive! I love you for that!! "

    Marissa Shedrow

    Tue Jul 06 02:40:01 EDT 2010

    "We heard about you through our daughter, Jeannie Hall. You are an inspiration to all of us."

    Sue and Jack Noren

    Fri Jun 04 06:22:37 EDT 2010

    "Love ya Pitzi!!! "

    Renata Nedzynski

    Tue Jun 01 02:57:36 EDT 2010

    "Good Luck!"

    Julie Southard

    Mon May 24 03:32:33 EDT 2010

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Kemper & Jamie Trull $100.00
Jeannie Hall $100.00
Phyllis Michels $100.00
Melanie P Johnson $100.00
Heather Johnson $100.00
Kristen Hungarland $85.00
Maria Todorova $75.00
Allyson Lonergan $75.00
Lenora Beth Iacovetti $75.00
Shay Lawson (Adv Mgmt Gro... $57.00
Dianne Rice $50.00
Steve Saunders $50.00
Michele Urban $50.00
Tricia Fowler $50.00
Greg Gusky $50.00
Sonya Medbery $50.00
Jana Thurman $50.00
Nyree Rapley $50.00
Frank Green $50.00
David Shelly $50.00
Jill Simons $50.00
Barbie Vines :o) $50.00
Robert Thompson $50.00
Rachel Boyman $50.00
Jimmy and Sheila Jiles $50.00
Richard & Meredith Rowlan... $50.00
Joel Hall $50.00
Maria Todorova $50.00
Pamela Kennedy $50.00
Paul Riapos $50.00
Mandie Holmes $50.00
Amy Callaway $50.00
Nancy Siler $50.00
Wendy Washburn $50.00
Wayne Lawrence $40.00
Sonja Hill $35.00
Heather Johnson $30.00
Brandy Rousselle $30.00
KImberly Ackerman $30.00
Shade' Akande $27.00
Eugene Klibanoff $26.20
Herwig Goldemund $25.00
Kristen Buchanan $25.00
William Charest $25.00
Mark Sutton $25.00
Cathy Kreuger $25.00
Strategy Partners/Ann Jac... $25.00
Pam Leturmy $25.00
Carla Redd $25.00
Anne H. Perry $25.00
Susan Womack $25.00
Deanna Simmons $25.00
Julie Southard $25.00
Katey Scallion $25.00
Kara Beierle $25.00
Pam Shook $25.00
Debbie Shaffer $25.00
Dana Neiger $25.00
Kate Miller $15.00
Lonoia Murphy $10.00
Anthony Mielcarz $10.00
Kara Stanley