My Fundraising Page

My Fundraising Page
Jan 15, 2011

I have signed up for my fifth event with Team in Training. Starting January 8, 2011, 54 teammates and I started training for IronTeam and Ironman Arizona. We will be spending the next 11 months training with the IronTeam. On November 20, 2011 the IronTeam will take on Ironman Arizona.

I am ready for the challenges this presents: both physical and mental. I am ready to participate yet again in something bigger than me: Team in Training.

I am ready to train, but I still need your help to succeed in my fund raising goal of $10,000 for LLS and support one of the few charities that still provides support and financial services for individuals fighting blood cancers, as well as funding research and public awareness campaigns.

When deciding on a specific amount to donate, please remember that any amount will help. For example, $25 could pay for the cost of a patient’s chemotherapy drug prescription co-payment, $50 could register one person to be a bone marrow donor and $75 could provide HLA (bone marrow) typing for a family member of a leukemia patient.

Meanwhile, feel free to keep in touch as I train and work to achieve my fund raising goal and my event goal of completing Ironman Arizona. In fact, I may reach out to you to share thoughts and reflections and adventures! There will be highs and lows, challenges and triumphs, adventures and reflective time. I look forward to each experience and sharing them with you.

” None of us may be able to stop the world from swirling around us, but maybe we can find ways to pause momentarily and enjoy the simple blessings of life in this beautiful world.” – Matt Uday (1974 – 2009)


Supporter Comments

    "You rock and You Inspire!!!!!"

    Marsha Morris

    Tue Nov 30 11:39:10 EST 2010

    "Good luck!!"

    Cristin Burke

    Fri Jan 07 10:30:16 EST 2011

    "Go Katie!!"

    Bonnie Gartley

    Sun Jan 09 05:52:17 EST 2011

    "Good luck with your training, Katie! :)"

    Heather & Steve Gruenewald

    Sun Jan 16 07:24:42 EST 2011

    "Thanks for watching Zoe! So inspired by you!"

    Laura Scholz

    Sun Mar 06 03:32:42 EST 2011

    "We are in awe, Katie! Always sending happy thoughts your way - thanks for making such a huge difference with LLS!"

    Moss Family

    Sun Mar 06 03:49:29 EST 2011

    "I'm proud of you!! "

    Cheryl Ayers

    Fri Jun 10 11:37:58 EDT 2011

    "good luck! "

    susan (neighbor)

    Wed Jul 27 04:33:19 EDT 2011

    "Thank you for being an amazing friend! I'll cry and cheer you all the way to IMAZ finish, SheBeast!! xoxo"

    Ann Evangelista

    Wed Sep 28 06:30:53 EDT 2011

    "Go Katie! You are an inspiration to us all!"

    Amanda Buice

    Fri Nov 18 08:38:12 EST 2011

My Fundraising Total

Raised: $5,360.57 | Goal: $10,000.00
54 %

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My Thanks To

Linda Wehrle $400.00
Georgia Department of Edu... $294.00
Eric Fiske $250.00
Sarah Pierce Martin $250.00
Ronald & Emily Sley $250.00
Sarah Pierce Martin $250.00
Katie Aguilar $233.83
Kathryn Aguilar $175.00
Soho Cafe $125.00
Christopher Baker $102.00
Kirk Ossewaarde $100.00
Lisa Whitson $100.00
Linda Wehrle $100.00
Stuart Winikoff $100.00
Thomas Cloutier $100.00
Barbara Sutton $100.00
Mary Denton $100.00
Laura Scholz $100.00
Linda Wehrle $100.00
Margaret Nowak Kish $100.00
Richard Lyons $75.00
Katie Aguilar $70.00
Steve Sley $50.00
Dawn Fiske $50.00
Teresa Schuman $50.00
Larry Mallory $50.00
Danny Stewart $50.00
Donna Urbanao $50.00
John Grinnell $50.00
Dr Keen Babbage $50.00
Jane Hallman $50.00
Pepe Bowman $50.00
Heather & Steve Gruenewal... $50.00
Tim Long $50.00
Seiji Shiraishi $50.00
Katharina Roberts $50.00
Todd Tarman $50.00
Katie Aguilar $40.00
Amanda Buice $30.00
Carey Garrett $30.00
Marsha Morris $30.00
Moss Family $26.20
Matthew Winn $26.20
Janie Barrett $25.00
Gerald Schaefer $25.00
susan (neighbor) $25.00
Stanley Ruth $25.00
Nshombi Brown $25.00
Patricia Hernandez $25.00
David Sarich $25.00
Michael Kardasz $25.00
Lisa Yother $25.00
Christopher Baker $20.00
Elizabeth Larkin $20.00
G Hall-Shelton $20.00
Agatha Ellis $20.00
Michael & Lauren Manning $20.00
Bonnie Gartley $20.00
Cristin Burke $20.00
Mark Buhrke $20.00
elizabeth underwood $15.00
Ann Evangelista $10.00
David Tri@ Products Bigio $10.00
Lisa Yother $10.00
Angie Thrivikraman $10.00
Fitts & Associates $10.00
David Sarich $5.00
Katie Aguilar $5.00
Cheryl Ayers  
Jennifer Moss