Racing for a Cure!

Racing for a Cure!
May 13, 2009 by Carolyn Hansen

Hello Friends and Family!

I'm training to participate in the Marine Corp Marathon on October 25th as a member of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's (LLS) Team In Training. I am completing this event in honor of my daughter Kate who just completed 27 months of chemotherapy!

Most of you know that April 23rd, 2007 was the day that a bone marrrow biopsy confirmed the diagnosis of leukemia for my, then 4 year old daughter. The following few months of chemotherapy, steroids and procedures were a whirlwind for our entire family. We tried to keep life balanced and happy but it was a struggle. I felt like I needed to "do something" for Kate, so I contacted TNT and ended up signing on to run the Disney Marathon while raising money to help find a cure for leukemia. That phone call turned out to be an inspired one as our family was enveloped by a host of loving, supportive and talented individuals. They've been along side us during this entire journey and together we have created something positive from a tragic diagnosis.

Now 27 months later, our Kate is in remission. Her chemotherapy has ended and we feel so very blessed to have a healthy 7 year old daughter. Kate is one of the lucky ones. There were many before her who had different outcomes and I am eternally grateful for the research and development that was done to help Kate achieve her remission. Although our family's journey through chemotherapy is over, there is so much more do be done toward finding a cure. So, this is endurance event #3 for me. I continue to train and fundraise because I still feel compelled to "do something".

Please become a part of the cure and make a donation to support my participation in Team In Training and help advance LLS's mission.

I hope you will visit my web site often. Be sure to check back frequently to see my progress. Thanks for your support!


Supporter Comments

    "I'm so proud of Kate for being so brave. With the loving support of a great family Kate strives forward to smile again and again. Thank you Carolyn and Jason for having such a great family and being the wonderful parents that you are. I'm very lucky to know the Hansen family!"

    Rebekah Goldberg

    Fri Oct 16 06:48:23 EDT 2009

    "Kate, Working with your dad is wonderful - he is as smart as he is tall ! and your mom is so wonderful to do this run. Arlene"

    Arlene Stecenko

    Fri Oct 16 03:20:23 EDT 2009

    "We are so proud of Kate for her amazing strength and positive attitude. She truly is a hero and so are you! We love you!"

    The Hatch Family

    Wed Sep 16 08:34:26 EDT 2009

    "Go Carolyn !!! Go Kate !!!"


    Sun Oct 11 07:41:19 EDT 2009

    "Good luck, Carolyn!! "

    Sarah & Chris Cook

    Wed Oct 14 03:13:35 EDT 2009

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Chick-fil-A $400.00
Chick-fil-A $400.00
Arlene Stecenko $250.00
Lynne Anderson $250.00
Mark Speece $200.00
Crafty Chick Party $200.00
Mary Hansen $200.00
Carolyn Hansen $150.00
Malcolm Oakley $100.00
Rebekah Goldberg $100.00
The Pilcher Family $100.00
Sally Chalmers $100.00
Eric Goldklang $100.00
Ron & Cordy Reagan $75.00
Hans Reichstetter $51.00
Carlton Buchanan $50.00
Dawn Simon $50.00
Garnett Rabeneck $50.00
John Morford $50.00
Jason Chiabotti $50.00
Lisa Hutson $50.00
Erin Rodabough $50.00
patricia thomas $50.00
Jo Hutto $50.00
Denise Black $50.00
Lindsey Pope $50.00
Karl Reichstetter $50.00
Anne Murphy $50.00
Louis Cole $50.00
The Hatch Family $50.00
Sue Towhey $50.00
daniella reichstetter $50.00
McAfee $40.00
Matthew Hammond $40.00
Karla Vincent $25.00
Sarah & Chris Cook $25.00
Carol Chilton $25.00
Peggy $25.00
Crystal Earwood $25.00
Emily Lynch $25.00
Lesley McGee $25.00
Hala Muhanna $25.00
Fiona Payne $25.00
Bonnie Brien $25.00
Mariesa Whitaker $25.00
Barbara Anderson $25.00
Laurie Hobbs $15.00