My Fundraising Page

My Fundraising Page
Nov 03, 2009 by Angie Prophet

Tri-ing to Save Lives

Update - April 14, 2010

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…..I did it! I finished the whole race distance on Monday night. It took me a long time (a little under an hour) but I’m feeling a lot more confident on my abilities to finish 1600m. It felt really good to see all the hard work paying off in the pool. Now I just have to get through the rest of the race! I am currently in the taper phase of my training. This is probably my favorite time because after many months of consistently building mileage and walking around sore and exhausted, I get to scale back my training in anticipation of the race. I love being able to get some rest and build up my energy levels for race day! Over the next two weeks, I will be doing less running, swimming and biking and a lot more thinking about what I’ve done so far.

I’ve already biked further and swam further than I ever thought I could. I have worn a wetsuit and triathlon shorts (neither of which are incredibly flattering). I can change a bike tire and shift into the correct gear most of the time. Additionally (somewhat unexpectedly), I have been complimented on my swim stroke by the lifeguard and swim instructors at the YMCA. I starting to believe that I am truly ready to compete in this race. I still have some doubts but I always do before I try something new.

I appreciate all the support from friends and family that I have received during this grueling season. I am constantly reminded of why I do this from all the notes, emails, phone calls and conversations that I’ve had over the last 6 months. Thank you to all of you who have helped me to meet my goal. This will be my last update before the race. The next time I write I will be an official triathlon finisher!

Update - March 29, 2010

Less than a month away! These words are very scary. I can't help but feel a little bit overwhelmed by all that is going to happen in the next month. But rather than worry about what is to come, I will share some things that I have already done.

Spring is finally in the air. After the longest winter in history (well, not really but still), we finally are getting some weather that is allowing me to do almost all of my training outside.

I completed my third half-marathon a little over a week ago (ING Georgia Half-Marathon). I would have had my best run ever but a cramp at mile 10 caused me to finish only slightly better than my previous races. It was still a great run (despite the rain).

I've also had to do some new things in the last 2 weeks. I put on a wetsuit for the first time. It makes swimming very interesting. It was interesting to float through the water. I think I'm going to like swimming in a wetsuit.

I also had to change a tire for the first time on my own. I did it and was able to go out on a ride after 20 minutes of messing with the tire. I am pretty proud of my new awesome tire changing skills.

Spring also means March Madness. As most of you already know, I've had major problems prioritizing when basketball is on (even when IU is sitting at home watching the games). This has been especially difficult for doing long training rides and runs when the games are on. I'm so thankful for the DVR

Spring time reminds me of my brother more than any other season. Between baseball and basketball it's hard not to see reminders of Bryan everywhere. I'm so thankful that TNT has given me a positive way to remember Bryan this Spring!

If you have not already made a donation (or you are feeling very generous), please consider donating. Check back soon for more updates.

Update - February 22, 2010

What a beautiful weekend! It was finally nice enough to train outside. I had an interesting training ride on Saturday at Stone Mountain Park. A deer ran right in front of me. I'm happy to report that I did not have an accident despite going full speed down a very large hill when this happened. I was having some issues with the chain on my bike (I needed some adjustments made to the cables) so I didn't get to ride as long as I wanted to in the nice weather.

The Sunday weather was even nicer. I went for an 8 mile run. My husband was kind enough to take the dogs on a walk and serve as my water stop at the halfway point. I picked up a running buddy named Scout (my dog) for the last 2 miles. He was great until the last 100 meters then he got tired and laid down. I didn't mind that so much :)

I am entering a very tough stretch of training. While I am doing this week's sessions, I am reminded of Bryan's strength throughout his illness and I know that I can get through anything.

Check back soon for more updates!

Update - January 7, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Update - December 9, 2009's really been really cold here (well, cold for Georgia anyway) which makes getting in the pool that much harder. I'm finally back on track after being sick for much of the Thanksgiving holiday. All of the training sessions have been going well. I have only a few more days of work until the holiday break and then I will be focusing mostly on fixing the problems with my swimming....i.e., making sure I get in the pool even when it is cold.

Thank you so much to those who have already donated to this great cause. Through your donations, there are a lot more people who are not just surviving but thriving.


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I'm training to

participate in the St. Anthony's Triathlon as a member of The Leukemia &

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lymphoma and myeloma from taking more lives. I am completing this event in

honor of all individuals who are battling blood cancers. These people are

the real heroes on our team, and we need your support to cross the

ultimate finish line - a cure!

I am partipating in memory of my brother, Bryan. He lost his battle with leukemia in 2002. He was the strongest person I have ever known and I know with him on my shoulder I can help fight this disease one race at a time.

Please make a

donation to support my participation in Team In Training and help advance

LLS's mission.

I hope you will visit my web site often.

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