My Fundraising Page

My Fundraising Page
Dec 01, 2009 by Javier De Jesus

Racing to Save Lives

Here I go again! I'm training and fundraising with Team In Training (TNT) of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. A few years back, I ran the 2007 P.F. Chang's Phoenix Marathon with the TEAM in honor of my friend, Carter, who passed away from lymphoma in 2006. Back then I raised $4,400 for TNT!

Now, I am training to ride America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride, a century (100-mile) bike ride at gorgeous Lake Tahoe this summer ( 2010). This time, my goal is to raise $4,500. It's a lofty goal, but with your help, I believe I can reach it. The funds will go to pay for much needed cancer research and patient services.

I ride for Carter, but I am also riding for my boss, teammate and 20-year survivor, Maureen, and for my Honored Hero and teammate, Lyndon.

You are probably thinking, "Hmm, that's quite the sweet event you are doing, Javi." And I would tell you that you're right. It's going to be an amazing ride with my TNT teammates, in an incredible setting. However, that doesn't take away from the seriousness of the purpose. To put it simply, I AM RAISING FUNDS TO HELP FIND A CURE FOR BLOOD CANCER.

Each donation helps accelerate finding a cure for leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma. More than 823,000 Americans are battling these blood cancers. I am hoping that my participation in Team In Training will help bring them hope and support.

So please, dig deep into your wallets, pockets, between the seats of your car, whatever...and make a contribution today. No amount is too small. The donation is 100% tax-deductible and you will feel good doing it.

Don't wait any longer. Stop reading this and hit that "Donate Now" button. I will have the opportunity to ride along one of the most scenic lakeshores in America, but more importantly, we will be making a difference in the fight against cancer and saving lives!!

Thank you very much for your generosity!


The following folks have made the Century Club, those individuals that have donated $100 or more. Thank you to everyone in The Century Club and to all of my supporters!


Michael Aiken - $100

Chuck and Irma Laswell - $100

Demetra Nastapolous - $100

Robert Garcia - $100

Anonymous - $200

Steve DeMoss - $100

Chad Edwards - $100

David McGee - $100

Garland Burge - $100

Map of the 100-mile route:


Supporter Comments

    "Javi, best of luck in your endeavors. Thanks for taking on this cause!"

    Kim Nolte

    Wed Mar 24 08:15:51 EDT 2010

    "Go Javi! Proud to call you our friend! "

    Rick and Lorelei Hoeye

    Mon Apr 05 11:26:46 EDT 2010

    "Thank you for all you do to eradicate blood cancers! "


    Wed Mar 31 10:50:34 EDT 2010

    "Good luck on this awesome ride!!! I'll be with you in spirit!"

    Lori Rasmussen

    Fri Apr 30 11:17:43 EDT 2010

    "In honor of Jody Mitchell, leukemia survivor (12+ years), one of my greatest friends."

    The Arnberger Family

    Sun Apr 25 02:58:59 EDT 2010

    "Go Javi!"


    Fri Feb 05 07:39:36 EST 2010

    "Hi Javi! Good luck and congrats on doing this again!"

    Kristen Amato

    Fri Jan 29 12:10:41 EST 2010

    "Go Javi Go!!"

    Angel Whitworth

    Wed Dec 16 12:21:36 EST 2009

    "Go TEAM!"

    Heath Seals

    Thu Dec 03 12:23:15 EST 2009

My Fundraising Total

Raised: $4,127.11 | Goal: $4,500.00
92 %

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My Thanks To

The Layden Family Foundat... $5000.00
ISP Sports Inc $820.00
Anonymous $200.00
Big Peach Running Co. $165.00
Raging Burrito Decatur, L... $130.00
Javier De Jesus $100.00
Demetra Nastopoulos $100.00
garland Burge $100.00
David Mcgee $100.00
Jason Edwards $100.00
Steve DeMoss $100.00
Robert Garcia $100.00
Chuck Laswell $100.00
Michael Aiken $100.00
ISP Sports Inc $88.00
Kim Nolte $75.00
Costco Wholesale $50.00
Bruce Scruggs $50.00
The Arnberger Family $50.00
Jennifer Beebe $50.00
Tony & Joette Garcia $50.00
Michelle Hynes $50.00
Sean O $50.00
Catherine Indresano $50.00
Michael Indresano $50.00
Van Tong $50.00
Francisco Vila $50.00
Woody Dover $50.00
Ross McIntyre $40.00
Gina Ragsdale $30.00
Roxanne Zobava $30.00
Anne Austin $25.00
Jessica Murphy $25.00
Javier De Jesus $25.00
Javier De Jesus $25.00
Matthew Grund $25.00
Lori Rasmussen $25.00
Jacqueline Tyson $25.00
Marianne E Zotti $25.00
Heather Holland $25.00
london summerville $25.00
Kelly Reynolds $25.00
R & R Skillin $25.00
Shana Tongren $25.00
Audrey & Joe Skopitz $25.00
Claire Moore $25.00
Sebastian & Nicolas De Je... $25.00
Scott Horton $25.00
@billkeller $25.00
Rachel Kossover $25.00
Kristen Amato $25.00
Diana Bensyl $25.00
Janet Indresano $25.00
Carlos Davis $25.00
Christina Warno $25.00
Rebecca Avakian $25.00
Chris Pomar $25.00
Doug Harms $25.00
Tom Wilson $25.00
David Ray $25.00
Heath Seals $25.00
Todd Liscomb $25.00
Jason Rogers $20.00
Stacy Joannes $20.00
Javier De Jesus $15.83
Javier De Jesus $15.31
Thresa Gay $10.00
Beth Blackwell $10.00
Jim Osterman $10.00
Delana Taylor $10.00
Angel Whitworth $10.00
Bonnie Gartley $10.00
Javier De Jesus $9.87
Courtney Delaney $8.00
Jolie Singletary $5.00
Jason Rogers $5.00
Rick and Lorelei Hoeye  
Kelly Sydney