Alise is "Tri"-ing to Find a Cure

Alise is "Tri"-ing to Find a Cure
Jan 23, 2009 by Alise Jackson

My Training Blog

I've created a blog to chronicle my training and other events related to my journey with Team in Training and my first triathlon. Please bookmark and visit often for updates!:

Racing to Save Lives

Dear Family, Friends, and Colleagues-

THANK YOU for visiting my Team In Training homepage!

I'm training to participate in an endurance event - the AFLAC Iron Girl Triathlon on June 28, 2009 - as a member of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's (LLS) Team In Training. All of us on Team In Training are raising funds to help stop leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin's lymphoma and myeloma from taking more lives.

I am completing this event in loving memory of my grandmother, Vera Zamosky (pictured with me in 1989), who lost her brave battle with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma (NHL) in 1995. Team in Training is also racing in honor of all of the individuals who are currently battling blood cancers. These people are the real heroes on our team, and we need your support to cross the ultimate finish line - a cure!

I've set a personal goal to raise $3,400.00 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Please help me meet this goal. I ask you to be generous, but only give as much as you are able - every donation counts! The easiest way is to use the box to your right to make an online donation to support my participation in Team In Training and help advance LLS's mission. All contributions go directly to the charity and are 100% tax deductible (a receipt will be emailed to you).

If you prefer to mail a check, please make it payable to LLS and mail it to me (if you need my address, please email me at

I promise to keep swimming, riding, and running, our honored heroes will keep fighting cancer, and you will help by giving... Together we can make a difference!!!

Please bookmark my website and visit it often! Be sure to check back frequently to see updates on both my fundraising and training progress. Thanks SO MUCH for your support!


$25 pays for the cost of a patient's chemotherapy drug prescription co-payment.

$50 registers one person to be a bone marrow donor.

$75 provides bone marrow typing for a family member of a patient with leukemia.

$200 provides a Family Support Program for one year.

$300 trains 25 peer volunteers who can provide emotional support to newly diagnosed patients.

$500 provides patient aid (for medical treatment and travel to medical appointments) to a person with leukemia or a related cancer for one year.

To learn more about Team In Training, please visit:

To learn more about the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, please visit:


Supporter Comments

    "Good Luck Alise!!! I'm so proud and excited for you! "

    Isabella Waterstone

    Thu Jan 29 06:51:07 EST 2009

    "To: Team Kethan From: St. Andrew's 8th grade girls"

    Joyce Briggs

    Fri Oct 23 11:58:52 EDT 2015

    "Good Luck Alise! Someday I might attempt the same thing! Or good friend died from Lymphoma a couple of years ago. I am sorry that your grandmother did too. Take Care."

    Heather Jensen Wayment

    Mon Mar 30 06:56:17 EDT 2009

    "Alise, Got get em! I am so proud of you for doing this! Great Job"

    Jody, Lori, & Will Hamilton

    Tue Apr 07 09:42:12 EDT 2009

    "Go Green! Go Hawks! You've always been the "Man of the Year" in my book."

    Jody, Lori, & Will Hamilton

    Thu Mar 31 09:04:48 EDT 2016

    "Good Luck Scott!"

    Jody, Lori, & Will Hamilton

    Thu Mar 31 10:19:50 EDT 2016

    "Great cause! Happy to help."

    Jody, Lori, & Will Hamilton

    Thu Mar 31 03:05:19 EDT 2016

    "Scott you're doing a great event to cure cancer!!! Meredith and myself support you!!!"

    Jody, Lori, & Will Hamilton

    Thu Mar 31 04:38:31 EDT 2016

    "Good Luck Scott!"

    Jody, Lori, & Will Hamilton

    Fri Apr 01 03:50:20 EDT 2016

    "Good luck Scott!"

    Jody, Lori, & Will Hamilton

    Fri Apr 01 04:23:11 EDT 2016

    "Great cause! Good luck, Scott!"

    Jody, Lori, & Will Hamilton

    Mon Apr 04 11:44:57 EDT 2016

    "go for it!"

    Jody, Lori, & Will Hamilton

    Mon Apr 04 01:07:40 EDT 2016

    "Good Luck from your friends at Perkins+Will"

    Jody, Lori, & Will Hamilton

    Mon Apr 04 03:17:09 EDT 2016

    "Thanks for your efforts to the cause! "

    Jody, Lori, & Will Hamilton

    Mon Apr 04 04:13:08 EDT 2016

    "Good luck Scott!"

    Jody, Lori, & Will Hamilton

    Mon Apr 04 05:10:40 EDT 2016

    "Scott, keep up the great work!"

    Jody, Lori, & Will Hamilton

    Tue Apr 05 11:01:12 EDT 2016

    "Scottie!! Man of the year!"

    Jody, Lori, & Will Hamilton

    Wed Apr 06 09:24:25 EDT 2016

    "Hello to our favorite Kurinsky duo...we are pleased to add a gift to your campaign and commend you for your endeavor. The true winners will be the patients who benefit from this wonderful program. We applaud you for all your time and efforts connected with this charitable event. Bud and Mickey Springer"

    Jody, Lori, & Will Hamilton

    Wed Apr 06 12:35:40 EDT 2016

    "Go Scott GO!"

    Jody, Lori, & Will Hamilton

    Thu Apr 14 05:43:19 EDT 2016

    "Scott - Best of luck winning. Dean Johnson"

    Jody, Lori, & Will Hamilton

    Thu Apr 14 06:50:14 EDT 2016


    Jody, Lori, & Will Hamilton

    Tue Apr 19 02:39:21 EDT 2016

    "I've know Scott for quite a few years now and he never ceases to amaze me. Thanks for all you do. Evy"

    Jody, Lori, & Will Hamilton

    Wed Apr 20 02:07:18 EDT 2016

    "Thank you for raising awareness for a great cause. Current Communications & Electric Corporation."

    Jody, Lori, & Will Hamilton

    Tue Apr 26 10:09:23 EDT 2016

    "Lane Sponsor"

    Jody, Lori, & Will Hamilton

    Wed May 04 03:59:11 EDT 2016

    "I'm so proud of you Peyton for wanting to help fight for a cure ~ Papa and I love you to the moon Grammy & Papa"

    Lindsay Dohmen

    Thu Mar 03 09:02:36 EST 2016

    "My mother died from blood cancer and now my brother suffers the disease. LIGHT THE NIGHT WALK to continue the work of this society."

    Sun Jul 31 02:10:51 EDT 2016

    "We are proud to support Team Celgene in this wonderful cause!"

    Thu Aug 25 11:27:32 EDT 2016

    "I am so proud of you. Can wait to share this time with you. Love, Mom"

    "MOM" Denise Brockman

    Sat Apr 18 02:39:12 EDT 2009

    "From Macy and Haley Chambers"

    Deana Santy

    Thu Feb 23 11:15:22 EST 2017

    "Fight the good fight!"

    Jim Zamosky

    Fri Nov 04 12:53:34 EDT 2016

    "Hello Alise, I work with your mom and my Grandma Doris donated this money in memory of my boyfriend's mother Dar Nicolai. Thank you for making a difference!"

    Doris Whittingham

    Mon Apr 27 01:34:45 EDT 2009

    "Thank you to all who contributed to this cause:) "

    Jennifer Duze

    Mon Apr 04 02:25:31 EDT 2016

    "Go Dominique! "

    Alison Downey

    Wed Sep 21 08:50:14 EDT 2016

    "Good Luck Alise, This is a wonderful thing you are doing. "

    Gail and Scott Martin

    Tue May 05 01:12:19 EDT 2009

    "Good luck Alise! I'm rooting for you!"

    Julius Paras

    Mon Jun 01 10:01:17 EDT 2009

    "Go Kyle's Team! A foundational donation to encourage all our family/friends and colleagues to donate to the team ,cause and cure of Leukemia and Lymphoma. We appreciate each and every donation. Thank you! "

    Sun Apr 09 06:46:52 EDT 2017

    "Best of luck meeting your fund raising goals."

    Sat Apr 22 02:48:23 EDT 2017

    "In support of Kyle Fisher (company match being requested)"

    Sun Apr 23 07:02:14 EDT 2017

    "For Kyle Fisher"

    Tue Apr 25 08:24:15 EDT 2017

    "Celebrating survivors like Kyle and Drake and in memory of my grandfather, Ford Robbins, who died of the complications from lymphoma. Best wishes in the Man of the Year competition, for a good cause. -Allison "

    Tue Apr 25 04:34:27 EDT 2017

    "Proud to support this great initiative in support of our many family members and friends who have suffered or who are currently fighting both leukemia & lymphoma. Thank you for the opportunity to contribute. Bryan & Meredith Holt"

    Wed Apr 26 05:44:34 EDT 2017

    "In honor of Kyle Fisher "

    Wed Apr 26 08:57:37 EDT 2017

    "Thanks for your support & advocacy for this important cause!"

    Sat Apr 29 02:12:08 EDT 2017

    "Wendy, Thanks for organizing and leading the team for such a great cause."

    Mon May 01 08:27:04 EDT 2017

    "Happy to support you and Kyle!"

    Mon May 01 11:22:23 EDT 2017

    "Great to support Kyle in this effort; he deserves it!"

    Fri May 05 03:37:30 EDT 2017

My Fundraising Total

Raised: $3,779.00 | Goal: $3,400.00
111 %

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In Memory of

Vera Zamosky

My Thanks To

"MOM" Denise Brockman $250.00
James Brockman $250.00
Cookie Lee Jewelry $234.00
Louise Lytle $200.00
David Briggs $200.00
Judy Hamilton $100.00
Carolyn Crane $100.00
Bridget Fenley $100.00
Melody Martin $100.00
Gail and Scott Martin $100.00
Debra Cameron $100.00
Victoria Bird $100.00
Raymond DeChristopher $100.00
James Petka $100.00
Stephanie Malhotra $100.00
Bobby Bird $75.00
Heather Smith $75.00
David Bigio $60.00
Elyse Irwin $50.00
Kathy Duren $50.00
Julius Paras $50.00
Marianne Brockman $50.00
Beverly Thompson $50.00
Doris Whittingham $50.00
Frank Clayton $50.00
Verna Freeman $50.00
Rebecca Abernathy $50.00
Denese Andersen $50.00
Vicci Barrett $50.00
Glenda Choate $50.00
Melody Martin $50.00
Lindsay Dohmen $40.00
Kevin McCormack $30.00
Isabella Waterstone $30.00
Randy Lytle $25.00
Tom & Jo Ann King $25.00
Patty Crawford $25.00
Michele Vinson $25.00
Alison Downey $25.00
Jennifer Duze $25.00
Karen Gauthier $25.00
Mid Coast Studio $25.00
Jim & Donna Jackson $25.00
Diane Long $25.00
Jody, Lori, & Will Hamilt... $25.00
Heather Jensen Wayment $25.00
Paula Briggs $25.00
Michael Jackson $25.00
Shirley Garcia $25.00
Shawn Lytle $25.00
Doris Chappius $25.00
Anthony Bradfield $25.00
Darcy Brockman $25.00
Mary Rountree $25.00
Lori Rush $25.00
Linda Hyde $25.00
Alise Jackson $20.00
Susan Tsacoumangos $20.00
Emelda Cleaver $20.00
Joyce Briggs $20.00
Scott Brockman $10.00
Holly Janocha $10.00
Jim Zamosky $10.00
Deana Santy $10.00
Marilyn Treece $10.00
David Goodman $5.00