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Getting Crafty for a Cure!
May 20, 2012 by Kim Hellwig

When I learned my nieces would be getting Kindle Fires for Christmas this past year, I wanted to get them something useful for it and looked up different covers available for it. I wound up on Etsy and saw so many neat, one-of-a-kind covers, but the prices were more than I wanted to spend. I'd been wanting a cover for my own Kindle for some time as well, so I searched around more to see if there was anything cheaper, and found that there were sewing patterns offered by some sellers. Not having sewn since, umm, junior high home-ec I can't say I approached the decision lightly, but figured I could use Mom's machine and she'd help me understand the pattern and the instructions.

Well, I managed to make their covers, along with one for myself and one for my aunt and they turned out great! Mom definitely helped on the first couple, but I managed the others. I posted pictures on my Facebook page and was so happy with all the positive comments on them, even one suggesting I make them as a fundraiser - hmmm, we'll get into that later.

Fast-forward to April, when I bought my iPad and faced the same dilemma for a cover. Not wanting something run-of-the-mill I turned to Etsy again and bought an amazing pattern that gives it an easel-back and everything. With my bonus money I also bought myself a sewing machine so I'd no longer have to rely on Mom's. Once I got all the supplies I needed for the iPad cover, I finally got around to making it a little over a week ago and am SO happy with it, and again have gotten great feedback on it. Granted, it's not perfect, but the flaws are minor, and considering that it's mine I can live with them. Plus, I now know where to be more attentive so that I don't repeat the error.

So with my newfound skill and the fact that I'm signed up for another Team In Training event I've decided to see if I can live up to all those Etsy sellers by offering my iPad, nook and Kindle covers as a fundraiser. In addition, I've been making luggage handle covers for the whole family because of our trip to Disney next month, so I'm offering to make those as well. $40 will get you an iPad cover, $30 for a Kindle or nook, or $10 for a pair of luggage cover handles. Visit for details or to order.

My Fundraising Page
May 03, 2012

Welcome to my Team In Training home page! I will be participating in my THIRD Team In Training event, the Philadelphia Marathon, on Sunday, November 18!

All of us involved with TNT have a mission - to help find cures and more effective treatments for blood cancers. Like the other members of TNT, I will be raising funds to help find cures and better treatments for leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma. I’m improving the quality of my life by participating and with your support, I can help improve the quality of life for patients and their families as well. As I train for this marathon, I will be thinking about those who are in treatment for a blood cancer (or any type of cancer) and those we've lost to cancer.

Please make a donation in support of my efforts with Team In Training and help advance the research for cures. My family and I are coordinating several events which will support my fundraising, so stay tuned for updates on them! EVERY dollar makes a difference, whether it's $5, $20 or $200.

Go Team!


Supporter Comments

    "Good Luck Kim. I can't wait to see by iPad cover and luggage handle covers!!"

    Christy Zeigler

    Tue Jul 03 11:57:14 EDT 2012

    "Good luck!!"

    Amy Hubler

    Mon Nov 05 08:16:21 EST 2012

    "Santa letters. Thank you!"

    Ashley Breinholt

    Thu Nov 15 12:57:16 EST 2012

    "For Santa letter and a donation"

    Kirsten Harp

    Sun Nov 18 12:42:21 EST 2012

    "Good Luck Kim! Santa Letters! Thank You"


    Fri Dec 07 08:44:28 EST 2012

    "My support, and prayers to all of you in your courageous battle -- "


    Sat Dec 08 09:01:12 EST 2012

    "Thanks for the Santa letters!"

    Rochelle Romeo

    Mon Dec 10 01:10:42 EST 2012

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