Lisa Phillips Fund Raising Page

Lisa Phillips Fund Raising Page
Jun 01, 2009 by Lisa Phillips

I'm at it again; Marathon #3

Help me in the fight

to stamp out Blood Cancers

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Over the last two years, I've completed two marathons and raised $10,000 for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) through its Team in Training Program. This year, I'm training for The Philadelphia Marathon. It will be my second Philly Marathon and my goal is to break the 6 hour mark and raise at least $3,000.

All of us on Team In Training are raising funds to help stop leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin lymphoma and myeloma from taking more lives. I am completing this event in honor of all individuals who are battling blood cancers. These people are the real heroes on our team, and we need your support to cross the ultimate finish line - a cure!

During the course of my training and fund raising, I will introduce you to a friend, Bruce, who was diagnosed with leukemia 14 years ago. Bruce underwent chemotherapy and beat the leukemia. His remission from leukemia lasted until August 2008 when Bruce was diagnosed with another blood disorder, myelodysplasia. Check back next week to read what happened next in Bruce's journey.

Please make a donation to support my participation in Team In Training and help advance LLS's mission. You can do this easily and securely online. If you prefer to write a check, please make it out to:

The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and mail it to me:

Lisa Phillips 2301 Cherry ST #3C Phila PA 19103

I hope you will visit my web site often. Be sure to check back frequently to see my progress and follow Bruce's story. Thank you for your support!


The photo above is a graphic reminder of what Bruce lives with on a daily basis. Myelodysplasia is a cancer of the blood and bone marrow. There are various types of myelodysplasia and different types of treatments. Bruce required a bone marrow transplant. The donor was found through the Bone Marrow Registry. Bruce explained to me that generally, a donor of the same sex is best. In his case, a male donor was found. The bone marrow transplant procedure was done in February.

Life after a bone marrow transplant is not easy. Because of the risk of infection, Bruce is all but confined to his home. Once a week, he makes the one and a half hour trip to his doctor for blood work and respiratory therapy to help prevent pneumonia. Once a month Bruce receives and IV to help boost his immune system.

While at home, Bruce may receive visitors, but must wear his mask and gloves. Anyone who has a cold or other illness is not permitted to visit. Recently Bruce began doing a few hours of work from home and explained to me that he tires easily.

In the weeks to come, I hope to give you a fuller picture of what it is like to live with myelodysplasia. In the meantime, I thank all of those people who have made donations to date. I've reached the thousand dollar mark but there is still a long way to go. If you have not made a donation, please consider doing so. Your donation goes directly towards helping people like Bruce.


I've finished my first month of training and have logged 85 miles of walking. It's great training again as it gives one a routine and a set of goals to achieve. My friend Bruce is not as fortunate as I in that his treatment for myelodysplasia does not follow a known path with a specific date for completion. Each day is a small victory over his disease, but doctors can't say with certainty when Bruce will be able to live a "normal" life again. It certainly puts things in perspective when you consider the uncertainty that those living with blood cancers face every day.

Please help by supporting The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in its effort to find cures for blood cancers like myelodysplasia. Every donation is important no matter the amount. The important thing is to take the first step and donate what you can. I thank you in advance for supporting me in my effort to help people like Bruce to make it to the finish line; the ability to live life to the fullest.


It's Tuesday, which, for some people is just the day after Monday or the day that comes before Wednesday. For Bruce, it's the day to travel to his doctor(s) for his weekly appointment. Some of us might consider the long drive a burden on top of the burden of fighting myelodysplasia but that driving time represents one of the few times each week that Bruce is able to leave his home. Not only that, but once at the doctor, Bruce has a "second family" made up of doctors, nurses and the other folks who make things run smoothly who know him well.

The next time your daily commute gets you down, imagine not being able to make the trip to work each day and consider that your travel time is an amazing gift.


It's been a month since I updated this page. To date, I've walked over 220 miles training for the Philadelphia Marathon. Each step taken gets me closer to reaching my goal of completing my third marathon in under 6 hours. Thank you to everyone who has made a donation to The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society on my behalf. These funds go directly towards research to find cures and support for patients and their families as they fight blood cancers.

If you have not yet made a donation, please do so today. Every donation regardless of the amount is important and appreciated. As a well-known athletic shoe maker says "Just do it".


It's September and the temperature has dropped along with the humidity level. I'm enjoying the cool breezes on my early morning training walks. My mileage total has climbed to 315, which is like walking to Washington DC and back! Each weekend, the training focuses on a "long walk". Last weekend, I walked 14.4 miles in beautiful Peace Valley Park. As the training progresses, the weekend walks will slowly add mileage with the longest one at 20 miles. It is believed that if one can handle the 20 mile walk, one can successfully complete a full 26.2 mile marathon. I know from experience that this is true.

Bruce continues to spend his days at home in order to keep infection at bay. Last week, he had some testing done to assess how his immune system is doing. The results will be in later this month. Bruce's hope is that he'll soon be able to return to work. For Bruce it is a constant waiting game. I admire his patience and his ever-present optimism.


Good News!

I just learned from Bruce that his recent test results have come in. His bone marrow test shows that the immune system cells that his body is producing are primarily from his donor. You may remember that Bruce received a bone marrow transplant in February of this year. This is a good thing as it is presumed that these cells are healthy ones. Because of this as well as Bruce's continued improvement, his doctors have given him the go-ahead to start back to work outside of his home for a few hours a day a fews days a week. He'll need to take precautions to prevent viral infection and will even be able to go to the movies or a restaurant. This news is wonderful to know and share with you.

When I started training for this third marathon, I could only hope that Bruce might be able to leave his home for longer periods of time by the time the marathon took place in November. That it has happened so much sooner is a blessing.

Even with this kind of positive news, there are still many other people who are suffering from one of the many blood cancers that still exist today. Please consider helping to find cures for them.

Take the time today to make a donation. You can do so securely online or make a check out to: The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and mail it to me at:

2301 Cherry ST #3C Philadelphia PA 19103


It's Sunday afternoon and I've just gotten in from my weekly training with the team. Today, it rained for most of the 16.6 miles but the walk went well. Thank you to Rick, who waited through the stops at the restroom and kept me company over the 4 hours of dodging puddles.

Thank you to those people who have made donations in recent weeks. I have not yet reached my goal of raising $3,000 so I ask that if you are reading this and have not yet made a donation, please consider doing so. The Leukemia and Lymphoma needs your support to help find cures for blood cancers and to help the many people fighting for their lives right now. Every donation no matter the amount is important and valued.

Thank you!


Thank you to everyone who donated in the last few weeks. I've reached the $2,500 mark. Training continues to go well and I now have an 18 mile walk under my belt. Onward to the marathon and my goal of an under 6 hour time and total funds raised of $3,000.


Thank you to everyone who donated in the past few weeks. My goal of raising $3,000 has almost been achieved. I have walked a total of 580 miles to date. The long weekend trainings will peak when I walk 20 miles just two weeks before the full 26.2 mile marathon. In the meantime, I'm getting used to walking in the rain as that has been the predominant weather of late.

If you are considering making a donation to help fight blood cancers, please do not delay. The time is now and the need is great.

Thank you,


Supporter Comments

    "Miss you, bro."

    Thu Sep 14 09:03:56 EDT 2017

    "I'm so proud to be a part of the Terakeet family and to walk for the M5 team to honor Marc's spirit. Can't wait to find out who is this year's Marc Murray Award recipient! "

    Thu Sep 14 09:50:21 EDT 2017

    "Go for it, Lisa!"

    Kenneth Fleisher

    Mon Jun 08 08:40:28 EDT 2009

    "Let's win this battle for all oh Marc and Sarah's generation."

    Thu Sep 14 10:46:16 EDT 2017

    "I miss you, man."

    Thu Sep 14 09:46:25 EDT 2017

    "Great job fighting the fight Clay! Keep it up! Love, Auntie Jenn Jenn and Matt"

    Thu Oct 05 10:49:33 EDT 2017

    "Lis - we're SO proud of you!!"

    Donna, Ivy, Lea & Micah Harlev

    Wed Jun 10 09:24:09 EDT 2009

    "SO proud of you Clay! Stay strong!"

    Fri Oct 06 10:33:26 EDT 2017

    "You're my heros!!!"

    Sun Oct 08 10:23:20 EDT 2017

    "Stay strong Clay!"

    Mon Oct 09 09:31:42 EDT 2017

    "Let the power and strength of the wonderful event bring a cure to light as you bring to this night. "

    Mon Oct 09 10:43:09 EDT 2017

    "Mimi & Papa love you Clay!!"

    Mon Oct 09 11:26:33 EDT 2017

    "Keep up the fight Clay and family. Morten and Elizabeth"

    Mon Oct 09 06:29:29 EDT 2017

    "Clay - You are an amazing & strong hero for our family! "

    Mon Oct 09 08:14:09 EDT 2017

    "Keep up the fight - and thank you! You are inspiring! In honor of my nephew, Rich, cured of Lymphoma for 2 years now!"

    Paula F.

    Wed Jun 10 01:30:34 EDT 2009

    "#Survivor #GetUp"

    Sat Aug 26 03:19:36 EDT 2017

    "Great story and outcomes to all. This will hopefully lock you in for Great Strides next Spring. Ray F. "

    Mon Aug 28 05:26:48 EDT 2017

    "This one is for Aviva and the K-Dog!"

    Mon Aug 28 05:27:49 EDT 2017

    "Go Aviva and Geoff!"

    Mon Aug 28 06:40:33 EDT 2017

    "Good Luck!!"

    Mon Aug 28 07:07:44 EDT 2017

    "Our thoughts and prayers are with you! Ray and Christin"

    Mon Aug 28 07:31:48 EDT 2017

    "You guys are AWESOME!"

    Mon Aug 28 09:53:09 EDT 2017

    "Go get 'em, Amanda!"

    Richard Levan

    Mon Sep 18 05:15:43 EDT 2017

    "Good luck!"

    Richard Levan

    Tue Oct 10 03:32:56 EDT 2017

    "A very worthy cause."

    Richard Levan

    Mon Oct 16 03:58:36 EDT 2017

    "Well done Amanda. Xx"

    Richard Levan

    Tue Oct 17 09:45:11 EDT 2017

    "Well done Amanda Love Gran,Chappies and Bicks. "

    Richard Levan

    Tue Oct 17 11:50:32 EDT 2017

    "From Mike and Joyce Go get it done Amanda."

    Richard Levan

    Wed Oct 18 01:12:09 EDT 2017

    "Well done Amanda"

    Richard Levan

    Wed Oct 18 03:56:47 EDT 2017

    "Hope I am not too late! Please, all, remember, you can become a bone marrow donor (it's not nearly as scary as it sounds) to help folks out RIGHT NOW! Keep going Amanda!"

    Richard Levan

    Sun Oct 22 08:02:41 EDT 2017

    "Go Lisa!! You are amazing! Love, Amy & Jeff"

    Amy Norr & Jeff Metz

    Sat Aug 15 09:39:22 EDT 2009

    "Hi Lisa, wishing you much success on your fundraising and training! Hope to see you at Valley Green one of these days! Lane"

    Lane Neubauer

    Sun Sep 06 01:10:13 EDT 2009

    "Lisa, we wish you the very best in the marathon. It is a very noble cause. God Bless."

    Blomqvist Family

    Sat Oct 03 09:26:23 EDT 2009

    "Keep up the good work."

    Sarah & Brian Phillips

    Sun Oct 25 09:57:59 EDT 2009

    "I wish it could be more. Grateful to know you all and work alongside such inspiring individuals."

    Tue Aug 29 08:10:51 EDT 2017

    "Best wishes"

    Thu Aug 31 05:57:21 EDT 2017

    "Drs. Kurland,Weiner,and Katz, you rock! Feel so fortunate to have worked with you, you are amazing individuals and wonderful doctors! (Dr. K, I still use your jokes with some of my patients and Dr. Weiner, your physiology lessons have gone a long way!) "

    Tue Sep 05 02:35:29 EDT 2017

    "Go well, stay well!"

    Tue Sep 05 05:23:47 EDT 2017

    "Keep fighting and sharing what you learn with your friends, family and patients. The only benefit of these struggles and suffering is the wisdom that comes with them."

    Fri Sep 08 12:03:07 EDT 2017

    "Thanks for sharing your inspiring stories. Wish you all the best as you continue the good fight! "

    Fri Sep 08 12:49:43 EDT 2017

    "Aviva has never once backed down from a challenge. She inspires me every day!"

    Sun Oct 01 10:31:43 EDT 2017

    "It is a pleasure working with you. WALK ON!!"

    Wed Oct 04 10:26:15 EDT 2017

    "In loving memory of my sisters Dolores & JoEllen who fought the long battle and with true spirit until the end. I also dedicate this to my other sister, "Team Michele Palumbo Girls" who is a survivor and will continue on the fight and spirit for Dolores & JoEllen and all of us! "

    Jeffrey & Roni Carbino

    Mon Oct 30 06:09:38 EDT 2017

    "Good luck Team Palumbo Girls. Love Tony"

    Jeffrey & Roni Carbino

    Mon Oct 30 06:14:33 EDT 2017

    "Best of luck achieving your goal for this amazing cause! "

    Mon Oct 30 07:55:54 EDT 2017

    "Thank you Jessica!"

    Harry Rosenthal

    Thu Nov 16 05:28:51 EST 2017

    "Happy to help support the cause of blood cancer research and honor the memory of Gramp LeRose. Karen and Ernie Graham"

    Fri Jan 12 12:39:36 EST 2018

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