Victoria's Team in Training Fundraising Page

Victoria's Team in Training Fundraising Page
Nov 02, 2009 by Victoria Ford

Racing to Save Lives

Both of my maternal grandparents died of blood cancers. My grandfather was killed by leukemia before I was born. My beloved grandmother, one of the most important people in my life, died after a long battle with lymphoma in 2003.

Now, following in my big sister's footsteps, I'm training to participate in the Country Music Half-Marathon as a member of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team in Training. All of us on Team In Training are raising funds to help stop leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin lymphoma and myeloma from taking more lives. I'm running the race in honor of my grandparents. They - and all the others who didn't survive or are still battling blood cancers - are the real heroes of our team, and we need your support to cross the ultimate finishing line: a cure!

Training starts November 15. I'll be blogging about the experience ; I hope you'll check back frequently and consider making a donation. Thank you for your support!


Supporter Comments

    "Overdue! Meant to do it on payday. Go go go go team!"

    Buddy Sister

    Tue Jan 19 05:48:35 EST 2010

    "Another payday, another $13.10! So impressed that you're racking up all the miles even during winter weather and even during this busy busy season. "


    Fri Dec 18 10:54:36 EST 2009

    "Matt and Victoria - You are both superstars! I am proud of you."

    Aunt Vicky

    Fri Dec 11 04:17:30 EST 2009

    "Good luck Tori! It's so great to have another Ford sister drinking the purple kool-aid!"

    Jen Zeitzer

    Fri Dec 04 12:08:14 EST 2009

    "Payday--time for another $13.10!"


    Fri Dec 04 09:20:07 EST 2009

    "Forgot to write a note again, so donating once more. Happy first week of training! Donating every payday is working out very well for me! "

    Buddy Sister

    Fri Nov 20 09:56:45 EST 2009

    "I forgot my comment the first time so am donating again! Hoping to donate 13.1 every pay period until the race, as you get closer and closer to running that far! GO TEAM!! Love you so much."

    Buddy Sister

    Wed Nov 04 09:50:19 EST 2009

    "Go Tori!! Team Cherry on Top is rooting for you & Matt!"

    Dania Palosky

    Sat Jan 30 01:01:35 EST 2010

    "I followed in your sister's footsteps too....Mary introduced me to TNT! Hooray!!"

    Anne Ferguson

    Fri Jan 29 06:39:05 EST 2010

    "The blondies w/choco chips sold out! Go Team!"

    DC Bake Sale!

    Mon Jan 25 02:27:34 EST 2010

    "Good luck!"

    Liz Bernstein

    Thu Jan 07 06:08:22 EST 2010

    "Tori, Good luck in reaching your goal!"

    Christine & David Tommerdahl

    Sun Jan 24 07:10:15 EST 2010

    "You're awesome, Tori!!"

    Dania Palosky

    Sat Nov 21 06:20:22 EST 2009

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In Memory of

Robert & Betsy Warner

My Thanks To

Elizabeth Ford $125.00
Elizabeth Ford $200.00
bruce blumenthal $64.00
Brian Eaton $50.00
Keith Ford $100.00
Carolyn Keys $25.00
Matt Bunn $25.00
Christine & David Tommerd... $50.00
Craig Drevecky $50.00
Geoffrey Bowes $25.00
Mary Ford $25.00
Matthew Shusterman $25.00
June Lunney $50.00
Aunt Vicky $50.00
matthew ram $19.64
Julie Lee $25.00
Diana Mayes $12.50
Robert Scroggins $25.00
charles neerland $25.00
Dick Hebl $25.00
Christopher Tommerdahl $25.00
Dawn Johnson $25.00
Meredith Musel $12.50
Anonymous $12.50
Madeleine Mogle $25.00
Barry Crossno $25.00
Brian Bohmueller $10.00
Joy Rosenberg $9.00
DC Bake Sale! $15.00
Anne Ferguson $13.10
Buddy Sister $13.10
Liz Bernstein $13.10
Mary $13.10
Mary $13.10
Buddy Sister $13.10
Mary Ford $13.10
Buddy Sister $13.10
Mary Ford $13.10
Barry Crossno $5.00
Mary $0.50
Dania Palosky  
Jen Zeitzer  
Dania Palosky