My Fundraising Page

My Fundraising Page
Nov 24, 2010

Welcome to my Team In Training home page.

On March 31, 2010, I bought a bike. Now, I hadn't ridden a bike in probably 25 years, but I've been searching for an exercise I liked, and so many of my friends and colleagues ride bikes, so I thought I'd give it a shot.

Six months later, I completed a 25 mile bike ride! I honestly can say I'm hooked, and after completing the 25 mile ride, I set a goal of a 100 mile (Century) ride by October of 2011.

Well, this past summer, one of my dear friends was diagnosed with AML, and he has since gone through a bone marrow transplant, and is fighting this disease with such strength, determination and heart. The least I could do was show strength, determination and heart in my (albeit so very minor in comparison) personal challenge.

So I called Team in Training and signed up for the Century Ride in Lake Tahoe on June 5, 2011. Four months sooner than I expected to reach my goal, and with many more hills, and at a far higher altitude than I am used to. (insert scared emoticon here!)

But I know I have the strentgh, determination and heart to get through this. And I'm asking for your help.

All of us on Team In Training are raising funds to help stop leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin lymphoma and myeloma from taking more lives. I am completing this event in honor of all individuals who are battling blood cancers, including my friend, Nick. These people are the real heroes on our team, and we need your support to cross the ultimate finish line - a cure!

Please make a donation to support my participation in Team In Training and help advance LLS's mission.

I hope you will visit my web site often. Be sure to check back frequently to see my progress. Thanks for your support!

UPDATE: I'm going to blog about the training - follow me and cheer me on at


Supporter Comments

    "Good luck Maria for such a good cause."

    Victoria Counihan

    Tue Nov 16 12:27:42 EST 2010

    "Good luck on the ride!"

    Ben Paul

    Wed Dec 15 04:58:28 EST 2010

    "Keep up the great work, Maria!!!"

    Debbi Lutes

    Sun Jan 16 11:32:31 EST 2011

    "Facebook tomorrow!"

    Stephanie Smilay

    Mon Jan 24 11:22:57 EST 2011

    "Hi Maria! I wish I could make it to your birthday celebration/ fund raise tonight. Wanted to still support your efforts! Have a great year and I wish you success in reaching your fund-raising goal!"

    Stephanie Link

    Sat Jan 29 11:10:11 EST 2011

    "GO MARIA GO!!"

    Juliet Scott Strauss

    Thu Mar 17 09:46:04 EDT 2011

    "You can doooooo iiiiiittttt, Maria!! Thanks for taking this on :) Good luck!"

    Alexis C.

    Sat Mar 19 09:01:57 EDT 2011

    "Maria, great seeing you last week. Good luck with the training! - Jake"

    Jake Miller

    Mon Mar 21 12:06:54 EDT 2011

    "So happy to support your efforts Maria! You are truly an inspriation to all us in the NetDE community and beyond! "

    BellaVista Trattoria & Pizzeria

    Thu Mar 31 07:01:59 EDT 2011

    "Maria: God speed during your ride. You are doing a terrific thing. My Dad passed away from Leukemia in 2008. I appreciate your efforts to fight the disease. Fondly, Terri"

    Theresa Brown-Edwards

    Thu Apr 21 01:19:04 EDT 2011

    "Dang! I wanted to be the one to put you at 100%, but you were already at 101% when I donated. You're an inspiration, Maria! Not that I'd ever get on a bike for that long, but you're still an inspiration anyway. :-) I may have a lot of junk in the trunk, but on a bike it sure doesn't feel like padding! Rock on, sistah!"

    Claire Natola

    Sat Apr 30 11:32:29 EDT 2011

    "From one biker chick to another : You Go Girl !!"

    Tracey Whyte

    Wed May 04 02:44:42 EDT 2011

    "Thank you for helping with my job search! Keep up the good work!"

    Lavon Robinson

    Thu May 19 11:24:42 EDT 2011

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Joseph H Huston Jr $350.00
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BellaVista Trattoria & Pi... $106.00
Kathleen Miller $100.00
Matt O'Toole $100.00
Michael Lastowski $100.00
Bruce Smith $100.00
Kerri Mumford $100.00
Theresa Brown-Edwards $100.00
David Fournier $100.00
Karen Bifferato $100.00
Marcia Stutzman $100.00
Marla Eskin $100.00
Mary Pat Collins $100.00
Jacquelyn Naquin $100.00
Regina Iorii $100.00
Marc & Joy Lederman $100.00
Robert Lapowsky $100.00
Linda Richenderfer $100.00
Sarah Pugh $100.00
Anne-Marie Cuneo $76.00
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Frederick Rosner $72.00
Catherine Huston $60.00
Brian Detwiler $50.00
Donald Smart $50.00
Allison Berdoulay $50.00
Karen Hatwell $50.00
J Helen Cook-Attig $50.00
Karen Grivner $50.00
Jake Miller $50.00
Juliet Scott Strauss $50.00
Robin Urban $50.00
Ronald Gellert $50.00
Don Beskrone $50.00
Sarah Pugh $50.00
Amy Brown $50.00
MaryJo and Sean Bellew $50.00
Kathleen Campbell Davis $50.00
Sarah Pugh $50.00
Angela Phillips $50.00
Karen Kinkel Sussan $50.00
Nicole Perefege $50.00
Steven & Linda Michel $50.00
Dorene Robotti $50.00
Deborah Longhi $50.00
Tracy Probst $50.00
David Green $50.00
Deanna Willoughby $50.00
Pamela Calvert-Hirt $50.00
Victoria Counihan $50.00
Joan-Marie Michelsen $45.00
Jennifer Miller $36.00
Kirsten Schneider $35.00
Richard King $30.00
Trebor Whearty $30.00
Lori Norris $25.00
Benjamin Hanbicki $25.00
Lisa Kelley $25.00
Tracey Whyte $25.00
Claire Natola $25.00
Lauren Coe $25.00
Eric Braxton $25.00
Lacey Wieser $25.00
Claudia Regen $25.00
Alexis C. $25.00
Leah Kinder $25.00
Anonymous $25.00
Steve & Holly Kaess $25.00
Hope Freeman $25.00
Michelina Ciuffetelli $25.00
RCraig Zafis $25.00
Stephanie Link $25.00
Lisa Ayers $25.00
Linda Carmichael $25.00
Brendan Recupero $25.00
Stephanie Smilay $25.00
Tara Lattomus Carroll $25.00
Debbi Lutes $25.00
Pam Donahoo $25.00
Jamie and Peter Scherer $25.00
Dee Richardson $25.00
James Lee $25.00
Regina Barry $25.00
Maureen Manza $25.00
Debbie Lee $25.00
Beth Stern Fleming $25.00
Steven Johnson $20.00
Linda Duebner $20.00
Elaine Laney $20.00
Shirley Downes $20.00
Lavon Robinson $15.00
Ben Paul $15.00
Linda Adams $10.00
Maggie Shetz $10.00
Karl Hauser $10.00
Kate Dreadhawk $10.00
Maria Sawczuk  
Adam Hiller