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Ride as if your life depends on it...........
Apr 14, 2017 by Billy Dudjoc

Karen and I at the start of a 50 mile ride. I think this says it all

My Fundraising Page
Apr 23, 2017

For the 6th time I will be riding in Americas Most Beautiful Bike Ride to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Three years ago my cousin and teammate Steve Gurnis passed away. His passing changed my life. Since then I have always ridden Tahoe with Steve at my back and doing his fundraising as well. For that reason I have set my goal at $10,000 ($5,000 for Steve and $5,000 for me).

Those who know me well know how important this mission is to me. For that reason I am starting early.




April 23, 2017


60 miles yesterday with a lot of climbing. OK we were ready for it. Our longest ride so far this season and the weather was supposed to be starting out cloudy and 50 degrees warming to 60 and partly sunny. Perfect for this time of year!


½ hour into the ride the showers started and didn’t really end for about four hours. Wiping the water off my computer I noticed the temperature was at 44 degrees and never really budged all day.  We were all waiting for the first climb to warm us up. It came, it went and by the time we went down again we were back to being cold !


At mile 30 or so we stopped in Durham, CT to get some water and fuel after riding 3 miles in a steady rain. As we filled up our water bottles the joking started along with the funny pictures. I have been riding a lot of years with these guys. For all of us it is much more than a ride. It is a mission……a battle…..a search.

Ed, Billy, and Paul

Ed, Paul, Billy, Dan, and Jim

Ed, Nat, and Paul


As hard as this ride was it was nothing compared to what our heroes go through. I remember my friends Art saying to me once when we were soaked to the bone: “You know Billy….Chemo was harder”. And Art would know.


We are lucky to be doing what we are doing. For people we love, have lost, and for those we have not met.


Cancer has taken a lot from many of us but my friend Louise pointed out what cancer cannot take from us”:


What cancer cannot do……

It cannot cripple love                                                     It cannot kill friendship

It cannot shatter hope                                                   It cannot shut out memories

It cannot corrode faith                                                  It cannot silence courage

It cannot eat away peace                                             It cannot reduce eternal life

It cannot destroy confidence                                     It cannot quench the spirit


Louise and her husband are fighting their own battle with cancer. Every day is a new beginning. Please send them some positive energy their way.


You can help with the fight by clicking on DONATE NOW. Together we can make a difference.


April 14, 2017


It looks like spring has finally arrived. No rain this week and have so far managed to get in three outdoor rides. With a 56 ride tomorrow that should make 160 miles for the week. A good start at least.


I was lucky to ride two rides with my friend Jim Kimball. I met Jim in 2009 at the Tour of the Litchfield Hills. I had just bought a rode bike but was riding the 35 mile route on my hybrid. We discussed Tahoe at the first rest stop and talked about the training the team goes through. I told him I would be riding in Tahoe with them in 2010. He sort of looked down at my hybrid bike as if to ask “You weren’t planning on riding that….were you?” I quickly said I just bought a road bike. Since that time Jim has become a my coach, mentor, good friend, and most of all a true inspiration.