My Fundraising Page

My Fundraising Page
Apr 30, 2009 by Angela Righi

Racing to Save Lives

THANK YOU to everyone who helped me reach my goal!!! I raised $1,700 over a month earlier than I needed to- and I have all my friends and family to thank for it! You guys all did a great thing in giving up a little bit of comfort to come to the aid of others. Give yourselves a pat on the back ;)

Now, if you find yourself bored on Saturday, October 17th, then come on down to Columbus and watch me and looooooots of other people run 26.2 miles early Sunday morning, October 18th!

Welcome to Angela's Team In Training home page!

I'm training to run the Columbus Marathon on 10/18/2009 as a member of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's (LLS) Team In Training. Every TNT member raises funds to help stop leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin lymphoma and myeloma from taking more lives. I will finish 26.2 miles not for my own glory but in honor of all individuals who are battling blood cancers. These people are the real heroes on our team, and we need your support to cross the ultimate finish line - a cure!

Please make a donation to support my participation in Team In Training and help advance LLS's mission! If you do, I will bake you cookies of your choice. Or maybe just give you a hug.

I hope you will visit my web site every week day and twice-a-day on the weekends. Be sure to check back frequently to see my progress. I'll also be posting about my training on my blog. Thanks for your support!


About 6 weeks til race day!

Hal Higdon's Novice II marathon training schedule has been treating my very well so far- I just did my longest run on Sunday, August 30th- 18 miles, and with only one water stop!

The Monday after that monster run, I got all four wisdom teeth removed :( Although recovery hasn't been pleasant, I hope to keep up with my schedule. I ran 8 miles today, and am due for a nice short weekend run of 13 miles next!


Obviously since I've reached my goal, I don't have a plethora of fundraisers to attend to anymore.

I apologize to those who were waiting for the Max & Erma's night- they never contacted me!

I still have my Etsy site up at and earrings and purses are still for sale. Though I would love to make custom purses- from which the proceeds would, of course, go to Team in Training- I'm pretty swamped with graduate school applications right now. Maybe around Thanksgiving or Christmas I'll pick it up again!

And, as always, you can still donate on this page :)


Supporter Comments

    "Trey, so proud of you for making a difference in this important campaign."

    Caitlin Earp

    Fri Jan 27 10:10:24 EST 2017

    "Trey. We are happy to support this important cause. Tom and Blythe Crabtree"

    Caitlin Earp

    Wed Feb 01 08:44:13 EST 2017

    "Thank you for your serving & kindness to this cause..we proudly support you! "

    Caitlin Earp

    Thu Feb 16 11:52:39 EST 2017

    "Way to go Ang!! "

    Brooke Lintala

    Mon May 18 11:45:13 EDT 2009

    "Great cause, good luck with all your donations! "

    Brooke Lintala

    Sat Jan 07 01:41:24 EST 2017

    "hope your race goes well! this is a great cause =) "

    Marlo Schlosser

    Fri May 29 11:41:06 EDT 2009

    "Yay Holden! Great job being so excited to raise money for people in need! "

    Elizabeth Fry

    Fri Mar 24 10:38:02 EDT 2017

    "To help wipe out cancer"

    Rachel Mohr- 2nd donation

    Thu Sep 21 04:20:37 EDT 2017

    "Congratulations to the team for their hard work on this important cause!"

    Rachel Mohr- 2nd donation

    Sun Oct 01 07:36:23 EDT 2017

    "You're close to your $ goal , you are doing a great job. Have a good run...26.2!!"

    Lydia Kisley's Family

    Fri Aug 07 08:10:31 EDT 2009

    "What you're doing is inspiring! Good luck!"

    Danielle Spindle

    Thu Jul 30 02:04:46 EDT 2009

    "Beth, Beth and Nancy - Amazing you girls are doing this!! Have a blast and thanks for all you do for LLS xo"

    Wed Mar 21 02:29:53 EDT 2018

    "Way to go your cute little butt off!"

    Betsy Trachsel

    Sun Jul 19 10:14:12 EDT 2009

    "Angela, the first time I donated my cc was denied, because I had the last number wrong of the CSC code. Let me know what happens! duh =)"

    Judy and Clay Stamper

    Tue Jun 30 01:38:39 EDT 2009

    "Good Luck Angela! I'm sure you'll meet your goal!"

    Jessica Storm

    Thu Jun 25 08:48:11 EDT 2009

    "To my cousin Linda a wonderful person who is surely missed "

    Thu Sep 28 10:31:56 EDT 2017

    "With much love"

    Mon Sep 11 09:53:36 EDT 2017


    Rachel Mohr- 2nd donation

    Wed Dec 13 05:40:10 EST 2017

    "For SLC auction"

    Rachel Mohr- 2nd donation

    Wed Dec 13 11:07:35 EST 2017

    "Cancer free future world!!!"

    Rachel Mohr- 2nd donation

    Tue Dec 12 06:37:33 EST 2017

    "For Fundraising Auctions on 12-12-2017."

    Rachel Mohr- 2nd donation

    Tue Dec 12 05:28:42 EST 2017

    "This donation is for the auction for a Lenovo 450T from Mike Morgan $125.00 (laptop) + $25.00 for docking station (per Robyn)"

    Rachel Mohr- 2nd donation

    Tue Dec 12 05:28:28 EST 2017

    "Silent Auction Donation for Elf Tickets! In honor of so many...LLS!"

    Rachel Mohr- 2nd donation

    Tue Nov 21 01:26:43 EST 2017

    "In honor of so many...LLS! This donation is part of the silent auction and is for the Soldier Hollow pass"

    Rachel Mohr- 2nd donation

    Tue Nov 21 12:50:02 EST 2017

    "Supporting the cause <3"

    Rachel Mohr- 2nd donation

    Wed Oct 11 10:56:13 EDT 2017

    "Pretzels and treats!"

    Rachel Mohr- 2nd donation

    Wed Oct 11 11:09:22 EDT 2017

    "SLC BBQ Lunch"

    Rachel Mohr- 2nd donation

    Thu Aug 31 03:09:28 EDT 2017

    "Pie&Beer Days!"

    Rachel Mohr- 2nd donation

    Thu Aug 24 05:20:29 EDT 2017

    "Basket Raffle"

    Fri Dec 29 12:16:24 EST 2017

    "Thanks for being there...&#10084;&#65039;Jess"

    Tue Oct 24 07:53:47 EDT 2017

    "This is Angela substituting an online donation for a check donation; thanks, Rachel Mohr! =)"

    Rachel Mohr

    Mon May 25 11:12:56 EDT 2009

    "Trey, Johnny and I are excited about the opportunity to join with you and many others making a difference in your fundraising campaign and most importantly the lives of the people it will touch. Our prayers are for you to exceed the goal and that God bless you in all that you do. "

    Caitlin Earp

    Mon Feb 20 10:20:55 EST 2017

    "Very proud of you Trey and happy to support this important cause."

    Caitlin Earp

    Mon Feb 13 03:11:40 EST 2017

    "Thanks for inviting me to be a part of your campaign. I, too, have a blood/bone marrow cancer and I know how important LLS has been in helping to fight these dreaded diseases. I wish our donation could be more but I have a Relay For Life team and contribute to the American Cancer Society and the MS Society because my mother had MS for 27 years. I'm very proud of you and your desire to help others. Sherry Carter"

    Caitlin Earp

    Thu Feb 09 07:44:32 EST 2017

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Walmart Bake/Craft Sale $172.68
Painesville Country Club ... $150.00
Plattsburgh City Taxi, In... $150.00
2nd Walmart Sale $145.75
Mim & Pip $125.00
Sal and Denise Righi $125.00
Jeremy Gamelin $100.00
Elizabeth Fry $100.00
Andy Warhol Purse $55.00
Will Bruening $50.00
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Earring orders $50.00
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Michelle Stephens $40.00
Rachel Mohr $30.00
Rachel Mohr- 2nd donation $30.00
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Betsy Trachsel $25.00
Judy and Clay Stamper $25.00
Christy Cody $25.00
Achilles Running Shop $25.00
Rachel Lanese $25.00
Justine Dams $25.00
Scientific Book Purse $20.00
Judy Stamper- for book pu... $20.00
Maria Borgerding $20.00
Rachel Mohr $20.00
Pre-Pharmacy Club Bake Sa... $19.50
Danielle Spindle $15.00
Angela Righi $15.00
Elizabeth Fry (for earrin... $11.00
Liz Maus- for earrings $10.00
Rachael Spencer $10.00
Jessica Storm $10.00
Emily Patton $10.00
Allison $10.00
Marlo Schlosser $10.00
Caitlin Earp $10.00
Lisa Khavaran $10.00
Audrey Kendra $5.00
Patrick Chase $5.00
Brooke Lintala $5.00
Rachel Mohr- for cookies! $2.00
Kat Kozak- for cookies! $1.00