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Hahamonga 16+ miler
Dec 13, 2014 by Joy Castanares

What started off as a rainy practice soon turned into perfect running weather with the best views!

As we geared up for our 16 miler that day I was unprepared with armwarmers to protect me from the rain. One of our mentors Elaine was amazing and had an extra lightweight rain jacket that she let me borrow & pretty much saved my unprepared self! By the time we cleared the JPL parking lot the rain had ceased & the air was crisp and fresh and the views just kept getting better!

This is the extra credit view from the top of our turnaround point...if you look closely on the bottom left you can see the team!

Anne & I were so focused on the trail ahead that we took the scenic route and logged 17ish miles that day, but it was all worth the views & we found our way back!

Here is a more comprehensive view of that day:

Fit Body Bootcamp Drawing Winner!
Dec 13, 2014 by Joy Castanares

First of all thank you to all that have donated & supported me in my journey to running my first ultra marathon! And a huge thank you from all the families affected by blood cancers...we are fighting cancer as a team & there is no limit as to what we can accomplish together!



Without further delay here is the video of the drawing for NOT ONE, BUT TWOOOO opportunities at a free month of bootcamp!

Visit this link to see the drawing:

So there you have it! Congratulations to Marcela Rojas & Sally Potters you have both won a FREE month at Fit Body Bootcamp Burbank!

Thank you again for your support and GOOOOO TEEEAAAAMMMM!!!!

My first Ultra-SOB 50 miler
Dec 13, 2014 by Joy Castanares

So I'm going to be honest...I only watched the video below today & it got me both pumped & slightly frightened!


So I guess it was the first time they ran this race this year. Good to know. Also good to know how fast the elites run it & that they aren't kenyan.

Wow its just kinda settling in right now...the butterflies that hit your stomach with a tinge of fear. I mentally decided last week that I will now be training for the 50M instead of the 50K which is a mere 20 mile difference. And the 8 mile run I was suppose to do yesterday & make up today(which isn't happening) is sitting with the "fear-er-flies" in my tummy. But I'm going to give myself a break because I'll be running a half on Sunday & this week was a tiring one.

Here's a shot from the course I took a few weeks back:

So i am excited because today 12.12.14 is the day i met my fundraising goal! :D 

Woo hoo! So thank you for all that donated! I will be posting a video of the bootcamp winner later tonight with a video!

Trails gone Hollywood
Dec 08, 2014 by Joy Castanares

My second practice we got to run 12 miles to the Hollywood Sign which I am completely familiar with :D

I got to see Coach Dave who was there at the beginning of practice for some team support. Coach Dave has been an inspirational leader on the San Fernando Valley Marathon Team and he was at practice because his father had been undergoing treatment and needed to be around the team because he knew that we are all there to beat cancer.

So I never told anyone on the team at the time, but on my very first season with TNT at our second practice my dad had been hospitalized. I was 100% new to the team at the time and I can understand why Coach Dave needed to be with the team. It gave me hope to know that complete strangers were helping out families like mine whose worlds were spinning in the wake of bad news. I had my moments at that practice where I tried my best to keep it together. Looking back now 2010 was a pretty tough year for me, but found that running was the place where I got to work out my issues. It didn't fix the fact that I spent waaayyy more time visiting my loved ones in the hospital, but what it did was give me a positive way to deal with it.

So I run & fundraise to find cures for those families whose lives are turned upside down & spinning. Just know there is a team of people who are looking out for you too!

Here are a few shots from that practice:

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Try before you buy
Dec 08, 2014 by Joy Castanares

Just wanted to give you a little insight on my training...with the first time I had been to a practice.

I was nervous only because I hadn't really run on a consistent basis since doing the LA Marathon in March. I would run with a trail running group called the New Basin Blues and they were all cool & some were realllyy fast going up those hills, but it just wasn't family like TNT was.

So I decided to check out the team for an 8 mile run in (what I thought was Malibu until I was corrected to...) Pacific Palisades on the Los Liones trail. I wasn't sure how the run would go, or what the energy of the team would be like and most importantly how I would do on some pretty good mileage on trails.

I felt great & strong that day & even knew that I could have kept on running! I especially found that running downhill on a single track trail really fast is really fun!

The seed was planted and I was hooked...I couldn't NOT sign up!

Here are some photos I took from that day:

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    "Joy! You are absolutely incredible! Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for the cause. You are a constant inspiration and I am so proud to call you friend. Get it, girl! Show those mountains who's boss! GO TEAM!"

    Lisa de la Vega

    Sat Nov 01 01:36:55 EDT 2014

    "You kickass lady! SO proud of you, and so inspired by you! Thanks for all you do, and your endless energy! WOO!"

    Lindsey Winger

    Fri Nov 07 10:06:12 EST 2014

    "Good luck with S.O.B., Joy!"

    Jesse Costello

    Thu Dec 04 09:10:22 EST 2014

    "Joy you are such an just keep moving forward! Best wishes with your training and in your ultra...GO TEAM!"

    Tracy Grair

    Thu Dec 04 10:32:45 EST 2014

    "Go Joy Go! I wish it was more!"

    Stacy Rubin

    Fri Dec 05 07:43:02 EST 2014

    "I've never known anyone with as fitting a name as you Joy Joy! Thanks for being such a gentle, energetic, and giving soul!"

    Dave Hagan

    Fri Dec 05 06:54:26 EST 2014

    "Run Joy! Run like the wind!"

    Jillian van Ingen

    Fri Dec 05 07:19:47 EST 2014

    "Go Jpy Go!!! Thank you for what you do to help find a cure!! "

    Audrey Duffy

    Fri Dec 05 10:05:28 EST 2014

    "You inspire me! Happy birthday!!"

    Sarah Yoo

    Mon Dec 08 11:31:51 EST 2014

    "A little double the fun for Birthday"

    Sally Potters

    Mon Dec 08 01:36:18 EST 2014

    "You inspire me - Go Team!"

    Beatriz Navarro

    Mon Dec 08 11:32:16 EST 2014

    "Joy you amaze me with everything you do. You motivate me to be better!"

    Heather Jones

    Wed Dec 10 04:44:24 EST 2014

    "Go Joy Go!"

    Jillian Summers

    Thu Dec 11 08:42:32 EST 2014

    "Keep up the awesome work yo!"

    Ashley Vallandingham

    Thu Dec 11 09:16:56 EST 2014

    "You rock, Joy! Keep doing the damn thing!!!"

    Gina Aguirre

    Thu Dec 11 11:18:34 EST 2014

    "I'm so inspired by you Joy! You rock girlfriend!!"

    Sheryl Olson

    Fri Dec 12 12:27:16 EST 2014


    Marcela Rojas

    Fri Dec 12 03:09:13 EST 2014

    "This donation is loving sent for Kim Nease. She is terminal with stage 4 cancer. Prayers to her on living a happy and full remaining days with her loved ones. Happy birthday Joy. You are awesome and you are an inspiration. Thank you for all you do to help the cause with awareness and fundraising!"

    Randall Graham

    Fri Dec 12 12:07:10 EST 2014

    "You are amazing my friend!"

    Jesse Vera

    Fri Dec 12 01:02:20 EST 2014

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